Enlightenment through Shadow Work

I’m linking to Ann Kreilkamp’s post called “Two Excellent, Dovetailing Perspectives on Q,” and calling it “Three Excellent, Dovetailing Perspectives On Q” due to the comment section on Ann’s post. I’ve stayed relatively quiet on the Q phenomenon, because I prefer to let people decide for themselves what’s real or relevant in their own realm. The Q stuff delves deep into the Shadow, and while I regularly help clients do that, I never want to force that onto people before they’re ready. The mainstream media has done that, though, so this post comes as support not pressure. Careful blog readers over the past decade will recognize that I’ve written and spoken of these topics many times and many years before. I just haven’t called them Q.

I did make an unintentionally public statement on QAnon via Ann’s blog when she shared my email commentary to a link I sent her in the wee hours of the morning on August 1:





The link I shared was to this post on Deus Nexus: “QAnon Decoded: Every Trip Code and UserID Used by QAnon Points to a Book.” The nerdy English Major in me has never quite died, despite the 1998 TBI detour that led me away from academia into reading energy fields and writing fiction and non-fiction. In any case, that book list contains some phenomenal books, and as a writer, I have learned as much about writing by observing the Q phenomenon over the past nine months as I’ve learned from dozens of how-to books on writing. Show don’t tell works as well for how-to as it does in stories!

I’m not in any way trying to convince people of anything, and please don’t use the comment section here to debate politics. I will say this, though: part of the reason I continued to read the Q material is because I have known much of this for many years from firsthand sources. My life and work put me in touch with unusual people, and I’ve heard many credible stories and heartbreak from people who’ve experienced Hollywood’s and high government’s pedophilia and other abuses firsthand. These people had no reason to lie to me; they told their tales in confidence, and the names and details will remain confidential. These clients were trying to recover from early childhood trauma in order to heal illnesses and/or move forward in work and life.

I’ve also had people very close to me over the years share some of the most horrific veil-ripping encounters where they’ve witnessed or experienced activities that shook them to the core. Again, I have no reason to doubt these people, as they weren’t seeking attention or sensationalizing their tales. The details arose in the context of private conversations and deep soul sharing. I don’t claim to have the inside scoop on governmental and corporate coups, Satanic Ritual Abuse or honey trap blackmail, but I do know these things exist.

I also know that there ARE good people in our military and government, whether you call them White Hats, strategically placed, or good people stuck in a bad system. Some of the most awake, intelligent, and intuitive people I’ve ever encountered have been veterans. I do not condone violence, and neither do they. Ironic, yes, but true. Many of the veterans I know awoke through combat and by witnessing what was really going on overseas. They saw the corruption and recognized drug running, media lies, and slavery. Yes, slavery exists in the 20th and 21st centuries, much of it condoned and profited from by our government. One reason for so many military suicides and PTSD comes from the idealism destroyed by witnessing and in some cases being forced to participate in situations the opposite of why they joined the military. Knowing this makes credible (to me) the claim of White Hats fighting corruption from within the system. Some of it may be for show, but I am certain that real people are risking their lives to do good things.

Many of these veterans I know have highly honed intuition, a strong sense of honor, and huge hearts. They don’t always get it right, but most of the ones I know hold as a highest value defending the innocent. One reason I happen to have had close relationships with so many veterans despite seemingly unrelated interests is because we all use strategy. We think alike. Whether planning a battle, fighting Lyme disease, or helping someone overcome subconscious inner demons, it’s all strategy. I can appreciate 3-, 4-, and 5-D chess, because I play it every day to help people help themselves. Critics laugh at the idea of “moron” Trump having a strategy, but to me, it’s clear he does. I don’t know where that strategy leads or how it will play out. Even if entirely selfless (and I don’t know or claim that it is), as Robert Burns said: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”)

What I do know is the devastation this epidemic of pedophilia has wrought throughout the world. Lives have been shattered. I know some amazingly courageous souls who’ve done their own Shadow Work to move beyond the trauma and help others — but I know what it cost them to do so. I have huge respect for anyone working to stop even one pedophile, let alone bust and prosecute thousands of them. I see the media trying to normalize pedophilia by making it part of LBGT now LBGTP (P is for pedophiles), calling child molesters “minor attracted persons,” refusing to call out the religiously sanctioned pedophilia of Muslim child brides and female genital mutilation, and by painting pedophiles as victims. They are often victims themselves, but that does not justify perpetuating or normalizing the abuse!

All of which is to say, that the Q material points to a lot of truth, and I find it a brilliant means of helping people to discover truth at their own, self-directed pace. Unlike a cult, no one forces anyone to believe anything, nor to conclude anything. Some things just become obvious once you open your eyes to them. My eyes happened to open to these things long ago. Even as a child, I had pedo-radar in which I would scream bloody murder if anyone tried to force me into a child molesting doctor’s office or bring a pedophile into our home. My shouts and refusals embarrassed my parents, but decades later stories surfaced that validated my intuitive concerns. I got yelled at a lot for refusing to cooperate, but the only thing a would-be pedophile ever managed to molest on me was my “adorable little nose.” And that was bad enough!

The #MeToo campaign is important, but many recognize it as only the tiniest tip of the iceberg. Raping women on the casting couch is horrible, but not as horrible as trafficking children or Satanic Ritual Abuse. I decided to address some of these issues here in one post, because Q has gone mainstream. Soon people will not be able to avoid these stories and their implications. In addition to Ann’s post, I suggest two other links:

Citizen Investigator’s “Open Letter to the American People”

and https://legalinsurrection.com/2018/07/stealth-bill-sneaks-in-radical-changes-to-californias-criminal-justice-system/

Ponder why — if they have “right on their side” — someone would feel the need to sneak through legislation in California that literally gives an inarguable, free pass to even the worst criminals. Eyes open. As my Discernment Reminders post explains, “Most people are mostly kind and mostly honest, and sociopaths rely on this perception in order to orchestrate enormously complex and outrageous schemes. Just because you wouldn’t engage in that sort of behavior (or couldn’t even imagine coming up with such a scheme) doesn’t mean it’s not happening. We’re only just beginning to see proof of such ‘paranoia’ and ‘hysteria’ being Conspiracy Facts.”

All of this can feel overwhelming and reality shattering, which is why I’ve posted such things only in dribs and drabs over the past decade. Everyone’s at a different point in awakening, but as Carl Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Shadow Work feels bad. No one wants to go through a Dark Night of the Soul, but because of revelations coming to light and going mainstream through Q and anonymous researchers, we’re poised for a societal Dark Night of the Soul. Each dark night has potential to catalyze new levels of clarity, lightness and joy.

A reminder for those of you who’ve been through one (or more) Dark Night(s) of the Soul before: now’s YOUR time to shine. YOUR time to help previously unconscious loved ones and coworkers who suddenly find themselves ready and hungry to have real conversations about real issues.

Now comes the healer portion of your Wounded Healer life. We can find meaning and purpose through anything. Our vulnerability brings strength. Q’s motto WWG1WGA (“where we go one, we go all”) is a good reminder, regardless of political or religious inclinations. We’re embodied souls having a human experience. When life throws surprising revelations your way, it’s a good time to step back and reconnect with your heart. What do you really know and value? What “matters”? What small, local step can you take to bring positive momentum TOWARDS a preferred outcome? What can you see and observe with your own eyes, in real time, not through a screen, and not through soundbites or news spin cycle? Ground. Earth. Breathe. Love.

Love yourself, because you matter. You really do.




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  1. Beautifully stated

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  2. My 3 responses at the bottom of The Daily Grail website all pertain to my take on Q.


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  3. Thanks, Bo … and your comments are right on — especially about the benefits of collaborative crossword puzzles. In a world where logic is no longer taught in schools, it’s nice to have exercises for the mind before that capacity completely disappears from the human race. Use it or lose it!


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  5. Posted by Eliza Ayres on August 10, 2018 at 6:21 am

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  6. Posted by Kieron on August 10, 2018 at 7:47 am

    I see the media trying to normalize pedophilia by making it part of LBGT now LBGTP (P is for pedophiles), calling child molesters “minor attracted persons,” NAMBLA has been an albatross for the community for about 25/30 years, but where are you seeing this in the media? Who’s including “P”? The main GLBT political blogs I follow would eviscerate anyone who showed up and attempted to include “P” in their posts or discussions. If someone is including “P” somewhere in the blogosphere, they would want to know and go after it/them.

    On another tangent, I see the word “timeline” being used frequently now, as in “on another timeline” as though the concept is gathering steam. I just saw it this morning in fact, as well as in a political blog elsewhere a few days ago.

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  7. Kieron,

    NAMBLA is, of course, involved, but things have really ramped up with the 10,000 James Gunn child rape “jokes” causing him to get fired by Disney. Now, there’s a movement on the Left to justify and defend these “jokes,” as accusations have flown to include other favorite stars and Hollywood creators. No defamation lawsuits … just calls for defense and normalization.

    https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/pedophiles-put-themselves-under-the-lgbt-umbrella-in-rebranding-effort (they’ve even created a rainbow flag for Pride Parades … although those in the know are warning youngsters to stay away from anyone with that flag.)

    I think they’re using a scatter approach and hoping for something to stick. There’s the “disorder” approach, which would go along with that new law they snuck in: https://joeforamerica.com/2016/11/american-psychiatric-association-states-natural-normal-aroused-children/

    This disorder tag includes parsing the difference between pedo- and hebre-

    Then there’s the pedophiles are victims of prejudice and people should feel sorry for them, they deserve protection approach: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/yvxkpv/realizing-youre-a-pedophile-can-make-you-want-to-kill-yourself


    There’s the “it’s just another sexual preference like being gay” approach that uses the gay movement as a model to protect pedo rights: https://www.redstate.com/streiff/2016/01/11/road-normalizing-pedophilia/


    There’s the Muslim child bride “cultural differences angle,” coupled with shaming people for Islamophobia if they have any issues with FGM or child brides. This one is really making strides in Europe.




    Here’s just a smattering of links I pulled up this morning. I’ve been tracking this since 2014, as I believe it’s a huge reason the Left has been manipulated to align itself with Islam, even though Feminism and Sharia are incompatible. Linda Sarsour of the Women’s March is Sharia compliant and closely linked to the most recent pedo bust in New Mexico.

    Then there’s the MSM and John Podesta saying “Pizzagate has been completely debunked as a conspiracy theory” without any actual debunking. I could go on but prefer not to … . The P has not been officially added, but the push has been clear for quite a long time. The concerning part is that it appears to be gaining steam.

    RE: timelines … yes, that COULD be encouraging. I could also see it used as the ultimate gaslighting tool. “That was on a different timeline. Get with the program.” Anyway, I do feel like Dolores Cannon was onto something with all her interviews, and I’ve noticed timeline splits, too. This issue, IMHO, is one of the huge splits. There’s a kneejerk tendency on the Left to defend any and all minorities, and that bleeding heart liberalism is going to be put to the test with this issue. Ironically, the GLBT community is more aware of it than mainstream people looking to defend the oppressed and discriminated against pedo’s. They’re being manipulated … including with all this sensationalism about the border. I know that MOST people do not support this, but it does require eyes open in order to realize just how consent is manufactured.


  8. As if a small child can be “consenting.” The fact that much of the mainstream is either trying to ignore it or then normalize it tells us a lot about its pervasiveness and use as a tool of blackmail.
    I know there is a gray area re: the ancient Greek pederasty involving teens, but really much of the organized pedophilia nowadays concerns small children. It has to be stopped.

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  9. Oh, and then there’s this: https://twitter.com/LLgbtqp

    Fortunately, they don’t have many tweets.

    There’s enough concern for a change.org petition: https://www.change.org/p/the-lgbt-community-tell-pedophiles-they-are-not-welcome-in-the-lgbt-movement

    Only 50 signatures, though.


  10. Exactly, Bo. It really is an epidemic, and the things being knee jerk defended are utterly disgusting and indefensible. How can a baby give consent?!


  11. Posted by Kieron on August 10, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Thanks for taking the time to gather the links. I’ll hold my nose and follow up and pass them on where they’ll be received but it won’t do my blood pressure any favors. As for consent, agreed 100% but then let’s also include circumcision of baby boys (religious or just a convention) and FGM of adolescent girls in certain countries. Now there’s a violation of consent if there was one. Also I forgot to mention in re: GLBT community, there’s a parallel to Jews/Jewish community in general, and the Israeli/Zionist political scene/activity creating animosity toward regular Jewish folks, as I think you and I have touched on in the past… 😦

    Sorry I didn’t mean to stir up the political but I did anyhow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit as you see fit.

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  12. Unfortunately, the political becomes personal when it begins to interfere with your body, your home, and those who cannot defend themselves. Yes, all the genital modifications of children … and all the layers upon layers and factions within factions, whether knowing or not. I just don’t want to get into a Democrat/Republican debate, as I’m not aligned with either party. Personally, I don’t believe pedophilia should be a partisan or gay issue, but the trend and push are to make it one.


  13. Yes, these issues are way beyond “Hatfields and McCoys” distractions.

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  14. […] Enlightenment through Shadow Work […]

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  15. This is the album I have lately been playing through my “orgone prayer laser” which shoots up into the sky. The bounce mirrors are vibrated by this audio, and the orgonite lining of the laser pipe is also simultaneously vibrated by the same files.
    This lovely, lovely music feels particularly apt as a song-prayer for all the abused and trafficked children.


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  16. Beautiful! Thank you, Bo.


  17. Posted by PeaceNowFlower on August 10, 2018 at 2:01 pm

    I have been in silence (save a few YouTube comments) a while now. I decided not to address the topic of Q online at this time. It’s been almost two months (or more) since my last post on my blog. I might email you. As you popped into my mind about two days ago.

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  18. Q – “This is not a game”

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  19. I have shown that pedophilia and child bride originated in Egypt as patriarch religious rituals. They were called temple virgins, temple prostitutes…among other things. It is why they call Mother Mary, Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalen a prostitute. They were a temple virgin and a temple prostitute until they started menstruation. So it is not just Islam. It is at the core of Christianity and Judaism too. Yet another reason to get religion off this planet. When you know how to read these texts, they will sing to you. Great post Laura!

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  20. Thanks, James! Yes … this is not new stuff. It actually was going on in Atlantis, too. Right now, the push for Islamization of Europe seems tied into finding ways to legalize pedophilia, though, since Sharia courts will not consider it a crime.

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  21. I have no doubt it was going on in Atlantis. Religion and government are two sides to the same coin. I am not surprised at all.

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