Moon-like Flowers for the Eclipse

I had to share these white beauties for today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The first is “Dinner Plate Hibiscus” and the second, a “Casa Blanca Lily.” This Fall, I’ll be planting an ancient “Madonna Lily” to join the Moon ladies in our yard.



I’ve been taking advantage of this eclipse’s almost exact trine of my natal Mercury. Lots of Lyme book writing! Wishing you and yours the most productive use of today’s energies, however that expresses itself for you.

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  2. Love the dinner plate hibiscus! How many inches across are they? These beautiful flowers truly are befitting as moon ladies on this particular day.

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  3. Thanks! These white ones are about 8 inches across. We have some red and fushia ones that are more like 5-6 inches across. The woman who lived here for 30 years planted all of these, apparently, inspired by our neighbor across the street, whose hibiscus have since gotten crowded out by other plants. 🙂


  4. Continual syncs. I just got a moon flower pendant 😉 Happy Aquarius Eclipse Moon!

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  5. Of course you did! LOL … continual sync winks. Happy Aquarius Eclipse Moon! Only three degrees from my natal Moon, too. Woohoo!

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  6. 😉 big celebrations!!!

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  7. Posted by Donna on July 27, 2018 at 4:13 pm

    Stunning and absolutely timely! Exquisite energy for today!

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  8. Thank you, Donna!


  9. Stunning.. Did you see the Blood Moon? Unfortunately we had heavy cloud cover with thunder storms.. Sending love and yes lets make the most of these energies.. Love and Blessings.. Have a Super Weekend ❤

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  10. Thanks for sharing these wonderful bits of local beauty, Laura. 🙂

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  11. Thank you, Sue! No, I don’t think the eclipse was visible in the US at all. In any case, it wasn’t here. This has proven phenomenally good energy for my Lyme book, though! ❤ Love and blessings, Laura

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  12. You’re welcome, Jamie! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  13. Wonderful news, and we didnt see because of heavy clouds

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