Here Be Dragons ~ And Faeries, Too!

Like the otherworldly birch tree in my last post, I’ve been waiting to blog these photos and stories for awhile. Some over the top synchronicities at last Tuesday’s Township Board Meeting let me know it would soon be time. Background: a very active neighbor and I compared notes a few weeks ago and discovered that she, her daughter and I are really in this sidewalk battle to preserve our trees. Others love our mature tree lined streets, but for the three of us, it goes much deeper. Trees, nature spirits, the Fae … for us, these represent something spiritual, the link between spiritual and material realms. The passion fueling each of us arises from the core of our being.

On that evening, our neighbor showed me her nextdoor neighbor’s yard, the apparent center of an old apple orchard from 50 years ago. She pointed to circles of thicker, greener grass and said, “Those rings drive them nuts because they can’t get their lawn to stay even after mowing. They’re the circles around old apple trees that have been gone for half a century. The Earth remembers.”

“They’re faery rings!” I said, “Apple trees are sacred to the Otherworld.”

My neighbor said in a hushed, amused voice, “That’s what I told them! Faery rings. They think I’m joking.”

I assured her I knew she wasn’t. We then discussed the Board’s seeming obsession of sidewalks cutting 15 feet into our yards, despite our quiet streets and a 90% petition to keep our yards as is. Add a bike lane, but don’t mess with our trees or the character of our neighborhood. I said, “It might not seem like it, but I have been polite so far. I’m trying to warn them.”

She said, “So have I, and they don’t get it. The Earth remembers. This is very active land. If they’re reckless, there’ll be consequences. They’ve awakened the dragons!”

“Funny you should say that,” I said, “because David named our home ‘Dra’Faven,’ (Dragon Faery Haven), and we have a lot of dragons, faeries and nature spirits.”


I continued, “Every day I walk the neighborhood and warn the trees. When I walk by other tree beings, I tell those trees what’s happening here. Protect your brethren! Be like the elves of Iceland. You know about them, right?”

She nodded. “The dragons are on it,” she said, and I told her about these orgone dragons that called to me right around the time this whole sidewalk controversy began. In January 2017, sweet Tania Marie shared photos of an orgone crystal dragon she welcomed to her crystal collection. I loved this selenite beauty, but at the time felt no draw towards anything like that for myself. In late May 2018, I started thinking of a crystal and orgone dragon “out of the blue.” Over and over, I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

A particular one, called Jaiyana really called to me. Formed of amethyst, blue howlite, orgone, and clear quartz, this dragon haunted me. On the day I set for decision time, the price dropped, which I took as a sign. I ordered her, and she arrived just as David’s mom got very sick. Among other things, these crystals and orgone combo help to process grief from losing a loved one. David’s mom passed peacefully on June 13th, after having said all her I love you’s and goodbye’s. She was 89 and this did not come as a surprise, but the powerful energy of Jaiyana helped transmute intense feelings into a sense of rightness, peace and relief. She arrived just in time to support this process.


That would be a lovely, synchronous story, but it’s not the end. Without going into too much background, a second orgone dragon made its way to me; however, it took a detour. I’ll include part of my Etsy conversation with Michael, the creator of these new dragon friends. I had told him I’d likely share this story, as it illustrates not only the power and beauty of orgone, but also how lovely and high vibe Mike is. I love connecting with and supporting people like this! As you’ll see at the end, though, this story gets curiouser and curiouser. The Jaiyana order featured some synchronous strangeness, but weirdness really ramped up with the next order.

“Hi Mike,

“I looked at the tracking, and I’m confused. It says it is out for delivery today in Lancaster, PA, but I live in Kalamazoo, MI. Did you send it to the correct address?



Hi Laura,

I’m also confused now! I’ve attached a copy of the USPS receipt to show you that I’m truly not loosing my mind. You’ll see that the tracking number I gave you is correct for Kalamazoo, MI and according to tracking (which you already know of course) it’s due to arrive somewhere in Lancaster by 8pm tonight?!?!?

I’ve got to wrap my head around this – SOOOO weird!!!! I’ll have to make some phone calls tomorrow, since it’s after hours, but I’m going to try and get logged into USPS right now to see if I can intercept whatever is going on.

Wanted to get back to you first though. I’ll get back to you ASAP on my findings and of course, if by some miracle it does arrive tonight, please let me know. No matter what happens, please know you will not be left alone on this one and even if it comes down to simply refunding you, that’s what I will do if necessary.

I’m speechless …..!!! I’ll be back to you as soon as I can find something out!


and then a follow-up from Mike:


So I sent an e-mail as well as called USPS – I finally hung up after being on hold for nearly 58 minutes. They said it would be a 20 minute wait ….. after hanging up, I then called again to find that they had closed. Gotta love it!

In the meantime, I just pulled up the tracking number and now it does say it’s in your area and still due to be delivered tonight by 8pm. Please let me know if it does. How ultra weird and frustrating this postal service can be at times. Fingers crossed it was all a false alarm and works out as it should!


“Hi Mike,

“So sorry for all this inconvenience! Someone in Lancaster must have needed a little orgone-crystal healing! It looks like it went to Grand Rapids last night and is out for delivery today in Kalamazoo. I will let you know when I have it here.

“On a side note, my now ex-husband and I lived in Santa Fe for awhile and visited the pilgrimage church in Chimayo. We got a bunch of the ‘healing dirt’ and packaged it up and mailed it to various people. One person’s envelope did not arrive for the longest time (weeks!) and when it did, there was a hole in the envelope and bag and very little dirt left. She worked as an energy healer, too, as we all did at that time. We figured that this envelope had gone on a journey, scattering needed healing all over the place. She put the envelope with its tiny specks of healing dirt in a drawer so she could at least have the essence of the dirt.

“When she next opened the drawer, it had a full bag of dirt in it, much more than we had originally sent her! People try to debunk that church in Chimayo, saying the priests refill the hole, etc. but miracles do occur there. We have never been able to explain this long journey of the healing soil and its mysterious replenishment in the drawer, but this whole orgone dragon situation reminds me of it.

“There’s more to the story than I can share here, because some of it is not my own story … but [suggesting this second dragon] was VERY synchronous.

“No idea how all of this fits together in the biggest picture… I just have a feeling there’s more at work here than meets the eye and that your orgone dragons have somehow participated in a much larger, collective healing. So thank you. Gotta love the Mystery with a capital M. If I write about this experience on my blog, I will link to your Etsy shop. If I don’t share this story, I’ll still find a way to work in a link and recommendation. 🙂

“Many blessings to you and your work,


From Mike:

Wow! I know quite well that miracles do indeed happen and I am simply bursting at my heart chakra as I read these stories! The dirt sent chills down my spine! I’ve been making orgone’s for several years now and have yet to list them all in this shop as their are so many but the stories I’ve heard from those that have purchased them are astounding! Those that do not believe in miracles have simply not taken the time to notice becuase yes, they truly do happen all of the time. Blessings for your keen awareness and acknowledgement of Spirit’s work in our lives! ❤

Here’s a photo of Amell, the traveling crystal orgone dragon, filled with red jasper, black tourmaline, clear quartz, pyrite and more … excellent for dream recall and finishing projects (like my Metaphysics of Lyme book). Amell guards and inspires in our main living room, near the “Eight of Wands” geode, a magical spiral, dictionary, succulents and Christmas cactus.


As a thank you to Mike for all his trouble, and also because we loved the quality and beauty of the crystal and orgone dragons, I went on to order two more gifts for others. One was a crystal orgone decorative dragonfly plate, and the other a vintage baby dragon hatching from a red tourmaline egg. Both items supported daughters grieving a lost parent, and again, they arrived with perfect timing and symbolism. I wanted to link to Mike’s Etsy shop, CrystalWiseShop, because he’s such an angel, but oddly enough, the shop has disappeared. Perhaps “Michael” was more of an angel than I realized. 😉

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned some hilarious synchronicities at last Tuesday’s Board Meeting. I’m sure the minutes will not reflect these moments, but a few moments grabbed my attention. Recall my neighbor’s comments about “the dragons are on it!” and our mutual sense that the neighborhood has some otherworldly protection. Words and phrases you don’t normally hear in a Township Board Meeting:  “accounting magic,” “And all I see is the dragon’s eye watching me,” “Harry Potter,” “CATS” (an acronym), and “time travel,” among other pow in the third eye synchronicities. We also learned that another neighborhood has organized to protect their trees, as well.

I can’t say where all of this will lead, but these sync winks and Mystery seem positive. The other day, while running errands with David, I said, “If I were a developer, I’d buy up all this vacant commercial and high density residential land … and leave it alone. Or at the very least, preserve as many trees as I could. Who wants to live in apartments with sidewalks two feet from their windows?! I mean, yeah, they’re maximizing their imprint on the land, but who’s going to rent those apartments? What’s wrong with a little privacy and green? Why don’t other people value trees?!”

David grabbed my hand and said, “Ahh, my hippie libertarian, you’re most unusual. You really are a hippie libertarian, you know.”

“You mean a faery?”

He smiled. “Is that what they’re calling it these days?”

“They’ve always called it that. I love nature. I hug trees. I like my privacy. I don’t brook liars. I honor Sovereignty and the land, and I protect what’s mine. Faery Rules.”

David smiled as he realized I wasn’t joking.

“I’m serious. Faeries are hippie libertarians. Faery Rules trump allRespect, not control. A person’s word is bond. No rudeness! They’ll see. Nature always bats last.”

“Nature and the Biggest Faery.” As we pulled into Dra’Faven’s driveway, David patted my hand again and said, “I do love the Biggest Faery.”


And everyone knows the Biggest Faery loves her trees!





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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on July 14, 2018 at 11:52 am

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  2. Posted by thymia17 on July 14, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    actually in Yellow Springs, Ohio (and this is not widely known outside YS) Dave Chappelle has used some of his money to protect pieces of land from development. So there are people out there who do just what you propose. Re apple trees: now I understand why the energy near my back porch is the way it is – when I was a small child & we first moved into the house, there was an apple tree which my father cut down (although generally he was a respecter of trees and did dowsing). I was stung by a bee from that tree. It’s an area where I now have little dishes out for offerings (hmm, wonder why I picked that place!)

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    • Very cool sharing, thymia17! Synchronously, yesterday, I was talking with our neighbor, and he said, “Wait, what’s that in your hair?” A bee was sitting on my head — not stinging me, just sitting there. 🙂 I’m glad to hear there are people out there doing what I propose. I have a big dream, along with some smaller ones regarding property in our area. This previously rural area right on the edge of the city is suddenly THE hot spot to develop. It would be nice if some of the green remains. I can’t believe this push to build right to the edge of the lot. I hope and pray this business model flops in a dramatic and fast way, so that future developers lose the perceived incentive to eek every last inch out of the land. Blessings of the apples, bees and beings. 🙂



  3. dragon faery family unite!

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  4. Reblogged this on Illuminations Now!!.

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  5. Posted by Anthony on July 14, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    Wow, again, what up with the synchronicity!!

    Laura: a couple months ago, I received a package of orgone towerbuster pucks and a couple of orgone pyramids from Sharon and Greg of “Team Chembow” as a thank-you for donating crystals to them for their efforts in gifting orgone throughout the entire northwest (which they are doing now – link to their latest blog post: ).

    I told them then that I wanted some extra ones so I could gift them forward, and I immediately thought of you (and Ann Kreilkamp for her permaculture project) and your quest to save your neighborhood. I hadn’t contacted you yet though because some very interesting things happened to me here starting the same day I brought that package home from the post office – which I now know are things that were catalyzed by that orgone package (and which are now resolved in a way I had not expected).

    Anyway: would you like some orgone pucks to put in strategic locations for your quest? It looks like your own area is protected with what you already have – but perhaps placing one over here, near the lawyer’s office; one over there, near the county courthouse; one right there, near the developer’s home; then one next to the town hall… 🙂

    Just say the word, and I’ll contact you for mailing details (and also finally see about scheduling some long-overdue counseling sessions when your schedule allows). You’ve already helped me a lot, and this would go a ways towards a thank-you – and also maybe get things moving there in a positive way!!

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    • Thanks, Anthony! Yes, I remember you mentioning them before on Ann’s blog. I’m always up for more orgone. There are so many spots in our area, formerly wild, now being gobbled up by developers. It’s like a disease, so lifting the vibe seems like a good way to go.

      If you use the contact form on my site or the email listed there, your message will get to me.

      Big blessings and thanks,



    • Well, here’s a fun sync wink, Anthony: David and I went to the area where I am set to have my first primary care doctor physical in about 19 years. There’s a shopping center with a coffee shop nearby where I’ll wait for him to pick me up after work, but we wanted to see if we could find a path to get there instead of via the heavily trafficked road.

      It turns out, a wood plank trail runs through a protected wetland area, which just happens to connect the medical center to the very developers I have concerns about! Their main office is literally en route to the coffee shop, via the wood plank trail. Guess who’s getting some orgone pucks!?

      It’s things like this that make me feel so cared for and protected. What are the odds?! I’ve been researching this group for weeks and trying to find ways to up their vibe … and they just happen to be right on my way, in a different town, with just the right cover for some orgone gifting. Too perfect!



  6. If Mike’s etsy shop reappears, I would love to have the link – would love to add a dragon to my collection – wink 🙂

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    • I’ll keep an eye on it, Jan! That was so weird, as his shop was certainly there when I was making all those orders. Our correspondence sounded like he had every intention of continuing for years.



  7. Posted by Vandana on July 14, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    This was really a magical read! Thank you Laura for sharing excerpts of these wonderful happenings of your life…reading it makes one think anything is possible and that all is/will be well.

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  8. Posted by Sherry on July 14, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    Yes….love this story…affirming that life has a life of its own 😉

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  9. Posted by Anthony on July 15, 2018 at 10:14 pm

    Yes!! I’ll contact you soon for your address. I’ve got about ten pucks and a couple pyramids to send you.

    These people are bringing potential destruction your way, so it’s totally within bounds to bring potential healing to THEM!!

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  10. Oh Laura, I was enthralled and drawn in through every word. What a wonderful account of synchronicity and I am sure those crystal dragons were meant to do a detour just as the envelope losing the dirt was meant to spread around.. And to be replenished wow.. Great things are happening..
    Its worrying though about the trees. Here too we had a purge on cutting down mature well established trees.. Look up if you get the time to a city not that far away from us Sheffield.. Known as the Green City… Protests got to be made public after thousands of trees were felled And the Environment Secretary in Parliament Michael Gove got involved and said it was “environmental vandalism”. So keep protesting… But many trees were cut down, even in parks .. The excuses were the pavements were uneven and causing hazards .. The fact is they cut down healthy trees, not dead or dying ones..

    Again thank you so much for your account of this wonderful tale..
    Much love to you and The Dragon awakes!
    I must tell you some time of my own vision out of body experience of meeting a three headed dragon that took me into outer-space to look back in on the world.. Which happened many years ago.. But so vivid, I remember every detail even to this day, I did not like what was being shown me..But know its all set in motion for the transition needed..
    Sending you much love Laura, ❤

    PS, If I inadvertently said Lisa in my last comment please forgive me, I saw I typed it hear then corrected myself.. I was just commenting on a blog which Lisa hosts.. Sometimes my brain needs re-wiring! 🙂 ❤

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