As Within, So Without: When You and Your Garden Become One

Just noticed this, but it’s always true. Many couples begin to look like each other. Some people and animals take on each others qualities. For me it’s the land. My garden and I are one.



With what and whom do you surround yourself? What flows to and from you in the ever moving tides of energy and form?

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  1. Posted by Linette on June 28, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    Mine seems to be reflecting who I am becoming… a little wild! lol I love the flowers in your hair; it’s a lovely photo of you ❤️

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  2. Great post Laura! Right now I’m teaching my daughter how to use the masculine and feminine energy together for her soccer. When I was in athletics I did not understand the power of the subconscious(feminine), but now I do. She has a true love for soccer and I am showing her how to use the masculine energies to create an impression on the feminine, then letting the Goddess take control during her games. Wow is she good! She is only 12 years old. She has been told she kicks like a man. Her response is, “No, I kick like a Goddess”. lol Teaching my daughter how powerful the Goddess can be is the energy that is flowing to and from me now and the foreseeable future.

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    • LOL, I love it, James! “No, I kick like a Goddess.” That’s so awesome.

      I played soccer, too, and I didn’t realize until I started doing intuitive work just how much I used my intuition as a defender. I am NOT a natural athlete — had to go to remedial gym when I was 6 — but I was a very good defender, despite not being that fast either. People would say, “It’s like you know exactly where the forwards will be before they decide to go there. You get a head start.” Indeed, I did, by intuiting their next moves before they made them. You can use all sorts of awareness in sports, but I LOVE how you’re teaching your daughter to play soccer. What a lucky girl she is! 🙂

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      • Thanks, Laura. Intuition is definitely big and she has it. That is something I can’t teach her. The Goddess has definitely blessed her and you too. I was actually coaching her team this last spring and had a little girl that looked like you. At the beginning of the year when she showed up for practice, I thought to myself, she looks like a young Laura Bruno. Evidently she played like you too because she was a very good intuitive defender.

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