Garden Pretties


This clematis was almost dead when we moved here, and now it’s been healthy and blooming for weeks. Delphinium came out today:


Coreopsis and magenta yarrow, next to chives, pineapple sage, chard and radicchio:


Sedum, snapdragons, pansies, red chard, purple kale, cinnamon basil, Romaine, and blooming sedum next to the hens and chicks ground cover:


Lavender, rosemary, wormwood and yellow zinnias:


Chamomile in the foreground, with (blue) lacinato kale, lettuce, zinnias, mosquito geranium, blooming cilantro, anise hyssop, yarrow and more:


And lovely yellow roses by the mailbox:


No one believes my front yard garden is edible until they stand right in front of it. From the road, the blue and purple kales, red lettuces, chard and herbs intermingled with flowers and perennials look like a cheerful flower garden. The faeries are happy, too, including the one David calls “The Biggest Faery.” 😉


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  1. Posted by Tracy on June 14, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    So beautiful!

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  2. Posted by Kieron on June 15, 2018 at 6:17 am

    “including the one David calls ‘The Biggest Faery.'” haha, that’s funny. 🙂 I must say I have never seen as many volunteer plants (both annual and perennial) sprout as I have this year. Chamomile, marigolds, balloonflower, cosmos, phlox, bee balm, California poppy… even a purple basil seedling coming up where they had been planted 2 years ago, and in the back yard, 3 or 4 flowering tobacco seedlings (Nicotiana Grand Old White, best fragrance after old-fashioned peonies), neither of which has EVER happened to me before. I have some theories… 🙂 Even the year before, a holy basil plant came up by itself among the vegetables, only coming to my attention when I smelled its fragrance. You’d think given the climate, annuals would not survive the winter as seeds but they do.

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  3. WOW, Laura, your garden is Blooming! and full of delights to the senses and the taste-buds.. What a gorgeous treat for the eye and stomach too 🙂
    Its amazing isn’t it what we can grow.. Which reminds me I must update my gardening blog soon.. Just been too busy to do much else but garden and enjoy it while the Sun shines.. As it should be..
    Have a wonderful relaxing weekend, basking in all of that beauty..
    LOVE and Hugs.. ❤ Sue xx

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    • Thank you, Sue! Yes, it’s amazing what grows and how beautiful and productive it all can be. I must say, this size cottage garden is much more manageable than the, for all intents and purposes, urban farm I was running in Goshen. Here I just get to enjoy it, except for the occasional groundhog frustrations. One did find the front yard garden, but so far the Expel spray seems to make produce less enticing.

      Wishing you continued happy gardening and sunshine.

      Love and hugs,

      Laura ❤

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