Present! Dreaming with Robert Moss

On and on and on, the synchronicities roll!

In an email today, I let Mike Clelland know some recent developments in the bizarre dream-painting-bleedthrough-fiction-becoming-real “glitch” I’ve been trying to fix for many years, since it has radically inhibited what I can or cannot write about as fiction, lest that exact conflict, character or plot development appear in my “real” life. It got so over the top that I stopped writing fiction in November 2009. When I restarted in November 2017, the effect continued, dismantling key portions and people of “real world” “reality” once again. I stopped writing that novel, but the plot kept nagging and whenever I gave it the least research or attention, boom! High strangeness in real time.

I have been determined to find a solution to this glitch, because I know I need to write my novels, but I cannot risk writing them until I learn to manage this “gift.” I told Mike how powerful I’ve found the work of Robert Moss, whom I learned about through layers upon layers of synchronicities in my recent Sidhe class. Mike, of course, had a multi-layered owl synchronicity involving dreams and Robert Moss. For me, the presence of an owl synchronicity gives the added “ding, ding, ding” confirmation I would have expected with such a major realization. It’s like the Universe saying, “Happy Birthday, Laura, hoot, hoot, you’re on the right track.”

Mike’s post includes this very worthwhile and for me, even more hilariously synchronous video:


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  1. Posted by Anthony on May 22, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Hi Laura!

    Wow, this is weird…I just finished listening to Laura Walker’s 12-minute recording for today’s report (5/22) where she warned to really pay attention to synchronicities, not to trust them unless they come from natural sources (and really pay attention to any that happen via electronics), then I click on your website and here you are talking about synchronicities!!

    But as long as we are talking about synchronicities…you recently received a neat fairy house. That same day, I read this article:

    I thought it was interesting enough to pass along, if you feel guided to read it.

    Good luck with your book!

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  2. Thanks, Anthony. I have several layers deep of litmus tests for synchronicities, which is why the owl from Mike Clelland came as a confirmation. 🙂 Thanks for the link. I have been working with healing and restoring the elemental kingdoms for decades (longer?) … I will check it out!


  3. Anthony, part two, listed in the comments, has information about the trees.


  4. I read the link and will say that I have encountered similar “mechanicals” with an organic overlay, associating them with the elementals and helping to reclaim sovereignty. I have noticed this with clients, too — some of the most elemental of them have metal inside them causing horrible pain. In any case, yes, I find that link right on, and much of my work has been to create a true bridge back here for those beings who deeply love Gaia … wherever “here” is. 🙂


  5. Posted by Vandana on May 22, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    Ha! All this talk of dream imagery analysis and I am surrounded by it…Guess what Laura? So..I needed a mental break from the craziness of life, in general, and wanted a book that is simple and has a guaranteed happy ending (!)). I picked just such a book from my online library (it’s open in one of my many tabs on the browser) and the heroine is a dream analyst and much shenanigans ensue wherein this ability of hers is playing a role. Have to see how she ends up with a happy ending…

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  6. Very cool! Thanks for sharing, Vandana. 🙂


  7. It’s wild when we’re focusing and immersing deeply into something and it starts to manifest itself in ‘real world’. Thanks for sharing, Laura. xo

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  8. Posted by Clare Forrest on May 22, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Laura I would just like to give you a heartfelt thank you for being in my life.

    I have been receiving your e mails now for some years. You just appeared in my in box One day.. I have no idea how that happened but before hitting delete I read the e mail And have enjoyed your musings ever since.

    You have introduced me to two people who are now enriching my life. Timothy Glenn and Robert Moss.

    Thank you from my heart to yours Much love Clare >

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  9. Posted by Anthony on May 22, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    Thanks Laura!

    I always treasure your feedback. Your intuition is live-on! And of course, owls are about as organic as one can get when concerning synchronicities!!

    I’ll check out the video now. BTW, what kind of protection have you surrounded your website with?? It’s incredible!! I can only post comments when it turns out what I have to share really IS useful!! Otherwise, I come here and then next thing I know, I’m clicking on some other link and I don’t realize until much later!! LOL!!

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  10. Yes, quite wild, indeed! xo


  11. You’re most welcome, Clare. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your experience. Gotta love the Mystery with a capital M!

    Much love,


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  12. You’re welcome, Anthony. Thanks for sharing, and hehe, yes, I do have lots of protection around my website. It’s kind of like how people would often miss our yard in Goshen. How was that possible when it stood out so much with all the flowers and fruit trees, faery energy and abundance amidst the Wasteland surrounding it?

    Our friend Tim, who was/is (in his new form even more) energy sensitive, offered to pick up our mail when we were traveling away from Faery Hof and Haus Am See, and he said when he approached our mailbox he hit a force field that stopped him in his tracks. Then he realized what it was and declared aloud and inside himself, “I come in peace. I am a friend, here to help Laura and David. I have permission to enter.” The force field dropped and let him pass. The blog is set up largely that way, too. I get almost zero spammers or trolls, because they simply cannot find the site. 🙂


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  14. Posted by Anthony on May 23, 2018 at 2:14 pm

    That’s interesting about the protection! !! And the commenters on your blog are always refreshing and engaging.

    Thanks for recommending that second video. Yes, I need to take that lesson about using trees as a force for grounding to heart…however: by not being properly grounded at all times, I can fantasize all I want and nothing ever materializes in my reality! Hmmm…maybe I should write books…

    But seriously – Mr. Moss’s talk on alternate realities and parallel universes was enlightening. In fact, it gave me an idea: when you write about the characters in your books, would a simple declaration that you are *not* inviting them from your mental realm into your real one; that you merely wish to share their stories for the lessons they can bestow, work?

    In other words, would it help if when you create/relate them and their stories, you simply declare openly that you wish them to remain in their own respective realms, but that you honor them by sharing their stories in this one – and they don’t need to actually ‘show up’ anywhere here except on paper!! Maybe look at it as sort of a ‘contract’? Without royalties?!

    Hope this is actually helpful! And thanks again!

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  15. Thanks, Anthony. That might work, although I am up to something quite magical, just learning to manage it before unleashing it. I do not believe this “gift” is meant to be suppressed, wasted or misused. Therefore, I’m applying myself to learn how best to utilize for the highest good of all. That’s taking some interesting twists and turns, but I’m getting there.

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