High Vibe Samples and Gifts: EMF Protection, Spice Mixers, Lotus, Owl and Spring Garden Goodies

I’ve been on the receiving end of lots of samples and gifts, especially this past April. I wanted to share some of these here, because they’re great. I have no financial connection to any of these companies or items … just passing along some high vibe goodness!

EMF Protection

David from Aires Tech synchronously reached out to me just as I began writing about EMF sensitivity in my Metaphysics of Lyme Book. In 2013,

I wrote about my amazing experience with orgone energy, but I also wanted to recommend something more easily portable for laptops, phones or when going somewhere with very high EMF radiation. Aires Tech offered to send samples for my consideration, and I eagerly accepted. I love that they back their technology with independent testing. Placebos can be very powerful and often do have validity; however, it’s nice when science supports my own sensitivity.


Above you can see from left to right, the Aires Shield Extreme, Aires Defender Infinity, and the Aires Black Crystal. Even before I opened the packages, I could feel a surge of positive energy. I put the Aires Defender Infinity on my desk chair, because I’ve got our wifi router and a Smart Meter behind me. The stack of orgone pucks in front of our router has mitigated a lot of the energies, but I definitely feel a difference with the Defender Infinity. I also love that you can slip this credit card sized defense into your pocket or wallet, and the case even allows the option of wearing it as a necklace.


I put the Aires Black Crystal on the back of my laptop, and I can now stream longer videos on my MacBook Pro without feeling fried. Using my laptop as a lap device also feels much more energetically compatible with the Black Crystal:


I already have a non-removable EMF shield on my iPhone, so I’m waiting to apply the Aires Shield Extreme to a new cellphone, whenever I update it. I know my current shield does something, because I cannot use an iPhone without it, but I’m curious to see the results of the Shield Extreme on a new phone, especially since Kalamazoo is an early adopter of 5G. If this shield works as noticeably as the other two samples, I’m sure I’ll love it. Again, I have no financial or other connection to Aires Technology. They just synchronously offered samples right when I was asking the Universe for something scientifically proven, which I could recommend in my Lyme book. Also synchronously, it looks like today was a good day to review their products, because Aires Tech is having a Flash Sale for 30% off their usual prices. Gotta love the sync winks!

Spice Mixers

While in Pennsylvania, I tried out the Amp Coil, also as research for my Metaphysics of Lyme book. My mom and I both enjoyed our sessions, and the device lived up to my intuitive sense about it, as well as testimonials from people who found it invaluable in their Lyme recovery. The husband of the person administering our Amp Coil session was a self-described “Lymie,” who began studying alchemy, herbs and spices as part of his own recovery. Vaughn decided to sample me all five of his Spice Mixers, “E-Lyme-inator,” “Chem-Trail,” “Mood-El,” “Lion’s Gate,” and “Calm Ocean.”


You can see four of the five pictured above, since I gifted “Calm Ocean” to someone who can use it more than me. Although somewhat similar on the surface, each mix contains a different blend of spices and trace minerals. The effects are subtle, yet powerful, and I love that these all contain black cumin — often touted as a miracle healer. These are not FDA tested or approved as supplements, but they make a potent addition to tea or even warm water with raw honey. I look forward to mixing these into almond butter or other spreads or salad dressings, too. I consider them elixers, appreciated as much for their energy as any chemical constituents. You can find out about individual Spice Mixers here. Again, no financial connection and no medical advice, just sharing a good thing.

Lotus Mandala Necklace

Continuing the high vibe samples and gifts, I returned from Pennsylvania to find this lovely necklace from the lovely Bridey at Paging Mrs. Zen:


I love the intricate design, and the lotus symbol was perfect to return to after my NDE on the way home! You can read about lotus symbolism here. I appreciated the no strings attached, thoughtful gift that arrived in perfect timing.

As described by Bridey, “Paging Mrs. Zen’s mission is to promote mindfulness, kindness and compassion, both to oneself and to others. This website is a place for all things zen, both in the literature shared and the mindful products sold. Rather than focusing on what’s trending at the moment, products are carefully selected to serve as inspiration for your meditation practice and everyday life. They serve to be reminders to help you to be more present, grateful, forgiving, loving and aware. I have also introduced some eco-friendly, plant-based organic and vegan products.”

Mysterious Owl

This next gift holds an air of mystery, both in origins and giver. Longtime blog readers know that I have a huge connection with owls. They synchronously appear at important times in my life, usually right before, during or after a major shift. They also appear to people close to me — in dreams, hoots or “real life” sightings — and somehow these people sense the association with me. This most recent trip to Pennsylvania was pivotal for me, as my Loose Ends, Astrology and My NDE post explains.

In the middle of my trip, a package arrived for my mom from Amazon. She had not ordered it herself, but it came with no gift card or gift receipt inside. We assumed someone sent it to her as a birthday gift, since my mom collects owls; however, research into the suspected givers yielded no results. My mom tried on the owl shirt, and it was too small for her. It fit me perfectly, though, so we wondered if maybe the owl came as a mysterious gift for me.


Pardon the awkward mirror shot. I took that when David was away for his two weeks of training. Nearly a month later, we still don’t know who sent the owl, but given my adventures on the way home, as well as a friend’s prescient owl dream connected to my NDE, I’m inclined to honor the Mystery with gratitude. Owls always reveal themselves as protectors and guides for me, a comforting presence when things get beyond my usual level of extremely weird. I ended up having not one, but three NDE’s that same week, with the third triggering a massive inner shift. I feel very different inside, although to most people I seem the same. Things feel much more fluid, and that’s all I can say right now. I don’t even think I could share in fiction what really transpired in the third NDE that week. Rest assured, that window has passed, and I feel grateful for Owl’s presence at another key moment in my life.

Say it with Flowers

Anyone who’s followed my gardening adventures for the past seven years knows that I love flowers. Some of the nicest gifts I’ve ever given myself include Fall-planted bulbs that bloom in Spring. Although our Kalamazoo yard featured its own beauty when we bought our house, David helped me plant 200 daffodils last Fall, because there’s nothing like daffodils to bring Spring cheer after a long, grey, snowy Winter. Here are shots from our yard this morning, the first, right before the rain began, and the second, featuring daffodils with our weeping cherries through the rain:



I spent Beltane as Crazy Plant Lady, envisioning and pre-ordering next year’s Beltane magic, which will turn our many front yard dandelions into part of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” via the addition of early, mid and late blooming blue flowers. Between Snow Glories that will peek through snow and various grape hyacinths in blues and occasional whites, our organic front yard will look even more intentional than the daffodils make it seem. I’ll need to remind myself (and David) this Autumn of the gift of color and lawn tapestries come Spring, as we plant another 200+ bulbs, but I cannot wait to see a starry “lake” in our front yard next year.

This concludes today’s recap of high vibe samples and gifts. I live such a blessed life that listing all the recent gifts would turn into a gratitude post a mile long. Many small sync winks might seem ordinary from the outside looking in, but to me, they whisper poetry and music of the spheres. Life is sweet, and when we allow ourselves to receive its offerings, we have so much more to share with others. Blessed Be … and be the blessing.

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  1. and interesting, as a very special barn owl (my fav owl) pendant just made its way into my life in a similar magickal fashion as the rabbit one. there have been a lot of gifts lately, which has been so sweet. love your barred owl t-shirt.

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    • Oh, wow! And you had a big owl gift sync when Mitch found my tree and I had all those three owl syncs, including him hearing the hoots as I confirmed it was my tree. I love that shirt, too. It looks a little funny in the photo, because I was trying to get the whole image in the picture while contorting myself not to block it with my phone. The fit is “to a T,” though, with room for a shirt underneath –definitely felt like it was for me. πŸ™‚

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  2. uh huh πŸ˜‰

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