First Daffodil of the Season


This early bloomer braved winds, Tuesday’s heavy frost and today’s brisk air. The ground was cold on my bare feet, but it feels good to be alive on this pulsing Earth!

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  1. Posted by Sophia Sutton on April 12, 2018 at 10:34 am

    Yes, life will prevail, in one form or another. Wishing you and David a happy spring! love and blessings!

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  2. Posted by Eliza Ayres on April 12, 2018 at 10:51 am

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    The first flowers of Spring are always special, harbingers of the eternal cycles of Life.

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    I have daffodils up and blooming also.

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  5. hehe!! weeeeee sync sistas! lol i just posted an astrid and plant update and my daffodils were a part of it. they are right behind their brothers and sisters at your place!! ❤

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  6. Happy Spring, Sophia! Love and blessings to you and Craig!


  7. Agreed, Eliza! 🙂 Thanks for the repost.

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  8. So nice when they show their blooms!


  9. Well, of course, Miss T! It’s fun because I bought bloomers for 2-3 months, so who knows which ones will bloom when? Part of the excitement, and you’ll find it, too, because I have no idea which ones I sent you! 🙂 ❤

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  10. lol! yes, excited to see what kinds and colors show up! right now everyone’s snoozing under a snow blanket for the moment ❤

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  11. Hi Laura, its wonderful when these yellow beauties start to bloom, they brighten up our day.. Like your blooms ours too have been brow beaten by snow and heavy rain, but they always manage to straighten their backs and hold up their heads.. A lesson we all can learn from.. 😀 ❤ 🌷🥀🌷🏵💐

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  12. A lesson, indeed, Sue! Wishing you sunshine, inside and out. Lots of love, Laura

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  13. Thank you Laura.. Much love back xx

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