Loose Ends, Astrology and My NDE

Since I’ve not blogged in over week, this is just a quick post to say I’m not dead, but I almost was. No need for alarm: I’ve had so many near death experiences, near lightning strikes, head injuries, and I spend so much time crossing the veil in both personal and professional life that even my mom commented, “Glad you survived that bad experience. Another chapter in your amazing life. <3”


Been there, done that, Laura Bruno’s had another rebirth. This one was typically uncanny in terms of premonition dreams right before Easter, specifically noting one of my return flights to Kalamazoo from Bethlehem, PA. Life ended up orchestrating the perfect storm of circumstances in Detroit on my return. I won’t go into the details here, as they’re personal, except to say that looking at my astrological transit chart for that exact time range for me in Detroit makes it clear how that window could have opened.

Contrary to what people who’ve not had NDE’s tend to assume, it was not a bad experience. I’ve empathed so many people’s deaths, and in almost all cases, it’s a joyful expansion and release. I spend so much time on the other side of the veil either relaying messages to those left behind, helping to usher in new souls in my fertility work, or conversing with my “Otherworldly Bard/Muse.” I just usually don’t receive an invitation to remain. This time I did, as I have on other occasions, too.

One reason for so many NDE’s and veil crossing is the strength of Pluto (representing death, rebirth, sex (orgasm is “the little death”), subconscious forces, regeneration and renewal. My birth chart features an exact Grand Trine between my Sun, Moon and Pluto. I also have an 8th house (ruled by Pluto) Chiron (the wounded healer), directly opposing my natal Uranus (representing surprises, special spiritual gifts, telepathy, direct intuitive knowledge, revolutions, and what Timothy Glenn calls “The Cosmic Weirdo.”) Uranus also rules technology, but that Chiron opposition seems to make me break technology more often than the average person. Uranus is the “higher octave of Mercury,” who rules Gemini and Virgo, and I have a boat load of planets in Gemini, with a Virgo Ascendant.

All of which is to say that my natal chart predisposes me to lots of Pluto, Chiron, and Uranus combo experiences, with a bunch of trickster Mercury thrown into the mix. It makes for excellent healing and shamanic gifts, good storytelling skills, but also a ton of very weird experiences, including relatively frequent NDE’s. The chapter about me in Mike Clelland’s new book is the second longest in the book, yet it represents maybe 10% of what I shared with him. Keeping in mind that I’m a very private (Plutonian) person, you can also surmise that I only shared about 10% of my paranormal events with him.

Soooo, on Monday, April 9th between 7:50-8:15 or so, I almost died. Obviously, I opted to return, but this time, I was given a choice. It would have been terrible timing for David, and I have books to write. On this PA visit, I had tied up all loose ends with family, done all family members’ birth charts, as well as charts for each family member in town for my dad’s 2016 death, and charts for my mom and me at the time of the childhood events described in Mike’s book. I cannot overstate the amount of insight and peace these charts provided.

Prior to doing those charts, I had already done a forgiveness ceremony at my dad’s grave, a sequence of events and ceremony totally orchestrated by my Otherworldly Bard/Muse, but that’s a very long and very private story! David found it very amusing, though, because my “Bard is even trickier than Laura Bruno,” and knows how to outsmart me for my own healing. In any case, it was more Pluto/Chiron/Uranus stuff, along with a lot of Saturn (Lord of Time, patriarchy, taskmaster of the zodiac, associated with fathers — both the protector and the one who devours his own children).

In addition to that grave site ceremony, I also followed through on a promise I had made our friend Tim Martin before he passed in December 2017 — that next time I went to Bethlehem, I would make a pilgrimage to his favorite poet, H.D.’s grave, which is in Bethlehem. He had intended to go himself some day, but I said I’d pay his respects sooner since I got to Bethlehem most years. Finding H.D.’s grave took some legwork, but hat tip to Super Sleuth friend Mitch, who can find anything. He got me in touch with the Nisky Hill cemetery caretaker, Sally, who sent me a much appreciated map. I know this historic cemetery, as I used to wander it as a teenager; however, it’s large, and I was going there on a blustery, cold day with my 70+ year old mom.

We did find the grave, though, and I left the amethyst that the crossed over Tim selected for me to leave as an offering. You can find the amethyst below the “t” of September:


Tim always insisted I read H.D.’s poetry, because he knew I’d love it. He was much better at reading things I requested he read than I was at following through on things like H.D. and Cloud Atlas. As preparation for this visit, I started reading her poetry — long resisted from having grown up in Bethlehem — only to find that, of course, I do love her “lived mythology.” I see why he ramped up his insistence while we were reading Dion Fortune’s “Goat Foot God,” all about Pan, as H.D. loved and lived her Greek mythology. She also loved thunderstorms like I do (partly why I’ve had the multiple near-lightening strikes) and was a total mystic who found divinity in Nature. My mom and I celebrated this pilgrimage with a lunch at Apollo Grill, which seemed apt.

I share all this to say that I had reached a profound point of clarity about not only my birth family and key moments in my life, but this followed a deep dive into the astrology of our dear friend Tim’s shocking (though expertly timed and magical) death. He remains highly communicative from beyond, but astrology has provided such deep context and clarity of larger themes and cosmic agreements. Visiting H.D.’s grave completed the unfinished tasks of that nature, so I left for my flight home having no loose ends other than my writing and the life that David and I have been gradually seeding and sprouting. The charts, grave site ceremonies, and many discussions with family members: karmically, I was done, which made for a wide open departure invitation.

I mentioned Saturn related to my father, but in addition to Pluto, Chiron, Mercury and Uranus, I also have a very strong Saturn in my chart. I’ve got North Node in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and Saturn in a packed 10th house (Saturn’s home). Those with Saturn in the 10th house often feel a strong sense of calling, of being forced onto a life path and into public life when they would prefer anonymity or behind the scenes work. But that sense of calling is very strong. On Monday, I felt the unfinished books, as well as the pull of the life David and I have set up together so that we can each fully expand our life paths.

Tempting as NDE’s always are for me, I mentally tuned into my 10th house Saturn, who hangs out with my Mercury, Venus and Sun, telling myself, “Go to your 10th house. That’s where your books are. You’re not finished your books yet.” That helped, but I needed something more to pull me out of that 8th (Pluto/death) house corridor. I tuned into Saturn in Capricorn — Saturn moved there on December 19th, 2017, Saturn’s home sign, so very strong. I asked Saturn in Capricorn to amp up the dedication to write my books, to live out the remainder of my destiny here on this side of the veil. That did the trick.

The amazing thing I discovered while analyzing the charts for that NDE time window is that Saturn in Capricorn is currently exactly conjunct my North Node destiny point! Of all the perfect things to pull me out of that 8th house exit corridor, Saturn in Capricorn would do it. I committed to more discipline in getting the books out and even to accepting help with marketing, which I normally loathe. At home, the next morning, I noticed two voicemails on my home business line, both from the same radio station, both inviting me to do an eight minute segment for “millions of listeners.”

Um. Yeah. Okay. So I’m committed on this side of the veil. Details on that another time. It costs me nothing, and they were most insistent to have me on their show talking about the “new direction” of my work and where I see myself going in the next few years.

That’s the scoop and why I haven’t blogged in over a week. As usual, there’s much more to the tale than I share here, but I only share what feels appropriate. I will say that I continue to marvel at how astrology gives my left brain “reasonable” explanations for and confirmation of what my intuition whispers, tickles or screams at me every day. It’s a great whole brain tool, and it will also serve as an excellent language translator for some of the more esoteric aspects of my metaphysics of Lyme book. Meanwhile …. back to sessions, research, inspiration and writing.

Peace in, peace out …. with a little Pluto-Chiron-Uranus-Saturn … and oh, yeah, Lilith … thrown in just to keep me on my toes!

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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on April 11, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  2. Well, I for one am VERY glad you chose to return! I look forward to reading your current books that you are writing. Books are like Lays potato chips – it’s hard to write just one! One good book tends to lead to writing another good book. 😉

    So press on and write on, Laura!


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  3. Thank you, Sky! 🙂


  4. So it seems your work is not yet done….this time around. I had to laugh at your comment that you’re “a very private person.” Right—you just happen to write (a lot) about your life and post it in public, and then you revealed that you have a 10th house cluster—and apparently you’re a Gemini, so good luck avoiding contact with the world. Maybe you can do it behind “cover” of a book, or three!

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  5. Haha, if you knew the things I don’t tell, you would recognize the fine line I straddle, much more to the side of private than not, despite the public blog. Fiction IS quite liberating! 😉


  6. Posted by Ann (not Kreilkamp 😀) on April 11, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    Oh my gosh, I love the first image of this post. I too am delighted that you chose to stay. You give tantalizing glimpses of your even more mystical side and I hope that some day I can hear even a fraction more of what happens in those realms! Perhaps if the shenanigans you and Tania are planning for later this year pan out….? Cheers lovely!

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  7. Oh wow. I’m glad your back, with more focus on your life’s calling. Wonderful!

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  8. Thanks, Ann (not Kreilkamp, LOL!). Tania and I were just texting about that yesterday. We shall see … seems we’ll be going deep and Otherworldly for this venture, but we’re still awaiting enough clarity to write a description. 🙂

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  9. Thank you, Paging Mrs Zen!


  10. lol! i can attest to laura’s sharing publicly what seems like a lot and yet there being still a lot left unsaid. i’m much more public than she is and yet even i have tons left unshared. i think likely anyone would find that true of their own life, how much is experienced privately that many don’t know, even as open as you are. no matter the amount of sharing, however, it does bring us all together, can provide reference points to our own lives, and assists others in knowing we’re not alone. good stuff!

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  11. Thanks for chiming in, T! LOL, so true, and yes, sharing broad strokes allows for others to apply things in their own way to their own journey. For me, public sharing of anything personal has always been a challenge, but I know it’s part of my path. Tricky Gemini that I am, though, I always try to find the loop holes and fine lines to share without desecrating my own inner sanctum. ❤

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  12. 😉 hehe!! definitely…it’s all a balance for sure.

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  13. What a wonderful read and I am pleased you chose to stay in this realm and finish your journey with your writing skills..
    I am always in awe at the accuracy of Birth charts and Astrology in general, but have no clue how its done. Fantastic you found the grave and fulfilled your promise .
    Many thanks Laura for sharing this, don’t ever finish up those loose ends 😀 We love you.. 🙂

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  14. Aw, thank you, Sue! Yes, the more I study astrology, the more amazed I get at the accuracy. It’s so incredible, and some people’s charts (like mine) are so very precise in the alignments. Like zero degrees or less than one degree for the aspects, so things have a very planned feel to them. It’s clear a lot of thought went into how the lifetime unfolds. Those charts amaze me the most, because even the more challenging aspects are so precise they could not be accidents! Much love, Laura

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  15. […] the end of my “Loose Ends, Astrology and my NDE” post, I mentioned this upcoming 8-minute live radio segment opportunity that appeared the morning […]


  16. The more I learn the more I am amazed, but then are we not all one with the Universe! So it stands to reason we are ruled and guided by the stars. 🙂

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  17. Posted by Sophia Sutton on April 13, 2018 at 9:02 am

    Wow! amazing, as you are, Cosmic Weirdo! teehee, so glad you are still with us. Enjoy the ride. I love you!

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  18. Welcome back! ❤︎ I was flying that day, too. Mercury retrograde is only the beginning. Very happy to have you still here in this plane (not airplane!) Miss Laura. xx Blessings xx

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  19. Thank you, Diana. ❤ Yes, it was Merc Rx and a whole lotta wild and weird. Someone else who does a lot of shamanic work had an NDE that night, too. Blessings xxx


  20. Thank you, Sophia! I love you, too! Glad you’re here, too.


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