Sand Dunes, Lake and Oak

David and I had another magical Saturday getaway, this time to South Haven and Van Buren State Park, with a synchronous stop at Artes and Craft along the way. As mentioned in the Spring 2018 Update, I’m in the midst of some deep inner metamorphosis related to creativity and healing. This will have direct impact on my Metaphysics of Lyme book, as well as any fiction and poetry that pour forth; however, the details of that change remain unavailable for general public sharing. You’ll see the results when they appear.

Meanwhile, I find it amusing that I began taking Star of Bethlehem remedy, then almost immediately realized I needed to formalize my 12 years of astrology studies with an actual mentorship, and then just this past weekend, I stumbled upon a face cream I’ve tried to replace since leaving Chicago in November 2010: a frankincense and myrrh face cream only available in handmade batches in Hyde Park, Chicago. Or so I thought! After some other essentials for my various writing projects appeared, lo and behold, I found the cream!

And so, just to recap, I’ve got Star of Bethlehem, astrology, frankincense and myrrh. Oh, and an upcoming trip to Bethlehem (PA), the first week of April. By my calculations, I’m due for some gold. Just sayin’. 😉

Anyway, that gives you just a sliver of the layers of synchronicity piling up and peeling away these days. As I said in the Spring Update, if I ever do tell these tales, they will need to go in fiction, because few, if any, would believe them as fact. I can share some lovely photos from our South Haven and Van Buren State Park adventure, though. In fact, Van Buren State Park formed another full circle experience like “my” tree from Discovery Park in Seattle reappearing in my life for Equinox. When we drove into the parking lot of Van Buren, I realized that this was the place I’d gone camping with friends in Michigan back in Summer 2001, shortly before moving to Seattle. All I remembered of that trip were the huge sand dunes that seemed like mountains, or at least foothills.

So this weekend provided another loop back to that same 2001-2002 time period — one of the eras undergoing deep inner healing and reorganization. In any case, here are some photos David took. You can see the lower dunes along Lake Michigan, and the rocky beach:




We decided to climb one of the giant dune trails, which turned out to be about a 70 degree angle in some places. A real heart pumping, slip-sliding workout.


The photos don’t do justice to the height or steepness of the dunes, but here’s what it looked like from the top:


All along the rise of the dunes, we saw scattered acorns, as oak trees put down a deep taproot, allowing them to survive on and stabilize the shifting sands. At the summit, we found an enchanted oak forest:


We wandered around the trails and communed with the trees and Nature Spirits before heading back down for a walk along the beach. The people below give you an idea of scale:




After our walk through the moody elements, we headed to downtown South Haven and made our way to the lighthouse and back:


I have often lived within 1-4 blocks of Lake Michigan, so it always feels like returning to an old friend who knows me well. David and I love all the amenities and options in Kalamazoo, but it sure feels nice to drive a short distance to the Lake! We have both lived in all four states that border Lake Michigan — Illinois, then Wisconsin, then Indiana and now Michigan. We joke that we saved the best for last, at least in terms of our own preferences and experiences. Wherever her shores, I do love Lake Michigan, and I can always feel her pull; despite my notorious non-sense of direction, I know which way is “Lake.” In times of great change and creativity, it feels so good to spend time in or on the water. This long pier with the lighthouse felt almost as amazing as walking on Lake Michigan at Sunset.


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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on March 26, 2018 at 10:56 am

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  2. This is wonderful Laura, and I am delighted you found the face cream, what beautiful synchronicity is that.. And I wish you well with the ‘Gold’ 🙂
    Many thanks my friend for your beautiful comment recently.. Today I am venturing back to answer them.
    Loved the pictures of the Dunes looks a peaceful refreshing place to be alone and align ones thoughts
    Sending Huge Hugs and wishing you a wonderful Easter Break.
    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤

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