Crossing our own boundaries: consent in the wake of “me too”

This is an important post for both men and women. I know so many men who’ve been violated, as well, on many levels, including the physical. These issues are relevant to anyone. As we each become more present and embodied, boundary violations become more obvious. Hopefully, courage to speak up and take action will follow. I’ve found the Bach Flower Remedy Star of Bethlehem quite helpful in dealing with trauma, whatever that means to someone.

One thing I really appreciate about this article is that it addresses the idea that trauma is whatever feels traumatic to the person experiencing it. We are not all the same, and so presence and respect for each person, especially with empaths, is crucial for healing. The painting of Lilith is over the top synchronous, too. Gotta love how un-subtle those sync’s are when we have eyes to see. Many thanks for the post!

The Oracle of SachaMama

The other day, I went to a yoga class. Many students were in attendance so the instructor had an assistant walking around, adjusting the yogis and yoginis. This bugged me right away when I saw this. I had just been listening to a podcast the night before that discussed students getting injured in yoga classes from overexerting themselves, and it really bothered me to watch the assistant put her hands on people and “correct” them without asking first. I told myself that if she came up to me, I would tell her no thanks. Towards the end of class while in pigeon pose, she came up behind me and started lifting my back leg upwards to make it the full pose. I had purposely not lifted my leg as I was feeling a tearing-like sensation in my knee. But instead of turning around and telling her no thanks, I breathed…

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  1. Posted by Barbara on March 18, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    What is the fear of a penis pressed against a bottom? What is the fear of a vagina aching to turn to that pressure? What is the fear of allowing another to touch and lift a leg so that it is extended beyond what one might have thought was possible? I fail to get the victim of what is and what is not love in what is described in this post. I get boundaries and setting them, but when one doesn’t set those boundaries, but trusts and believes that one is safe, regardless, where is the…. victim?

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    • Thanks for your comment, Barbara. You are, of course, right in the biggest picture and in theory. There’s a major gap between the theory and biggest picture and someone who has been, say, raped as a child, which happens way more often than most people realize. Add to that sexual predation by a trusted counselor or healer when someone is most vulnerable, awakening from severe mind control or gas lighting, and/or trying to make sense of a rape at any age, whether “random” on the street, or a so-called date rape. PTSD from these sorts of experiences remains until processed out — and that processing does not occur solely on the mental or spiritual level. Full healing requires integration, including the emotions and the body.

      Beyond these kinds of physical or mental violations, things like emotional incest happen, such that even though not physical, when someone else starts to push on inappropriate areas, it can trigger a full blown PTSD event equivalent in the body and emotions to actual incest. If we add in suppressed past life memories to the mix, it’s maybe not so difficult to comprehend why these things could trigger someone.

      Through my clients, relationships and friendships spread across over four decades of this lifetime, I have encountered an astonishing number of men who were raped or abused as children, women victims of incest, and people who slipped into relationships with therapist, gurus or healers that had a very disadvantaged power structure. If you’ve not encountered any of these situations, then consider yourself blessed. They are profoundly traumatic wounds for much of our society, and healing comes in fits and starts, not a once and done spiritual bypass. Star of Bethlehem Bach Flower Remedy is the fastest multi-level healer I’ve found.

      Blessings and love … Laura



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  3. Posted by Kathy Omalley on March 19, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    just to add, I have been in a female relationship with a narcissist for a year. it is taking me quite a while to decompress and feel myself again after that. I suffered several , almost daily ptsd from her rage attacks. the sad thing is that my last relationship ended in 2000 after 8 years with a maie narcissist.. what should i do?

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    • Thanks for commenting, Kathy. If you use the search function on my blog and search for “narcissist” or “narcissism” or “energy vampire,” you’ll find that I have offered a lot of resources over the years. The website, is a good resource, though quite harsh in it’s tough love. Sometimes people need that. She has good ebooks, too. Some people like the book, “People of the Lie” by M. Scott Peck.

      If you feel you still need help, please feel free to contact me for a session. Depending on the situation, there are many things that can be done, especially on the energetic level. I don’t list them all publicly on my blog, because some of them require very specific instructions on use or could cause a big backlash. This is one of the most common areas of sessions I do –definitely in the top 5 themes — so I am very familiar with the dynamics from a professional standpoint, very hard earned in my personal life and studies.




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