Catherine Grace O ~ Disrupting Menopause Naturally

I want to direct people to an excellent, comprehensive post by Catherine Grace O’Connell with Functional Nutrition expert Leona West. Most people think of hot flashes and weight gain with menopause or even perimenopause, but there are sooooooo many other symptoms! I very often nudge clients to ask their doctor to test their female hormones even if the symptoms seem to be about something else. Dry eyes, vision changes, missing words, memory lapses, heart palpitations, UTI’s, insomnia … the list of potential menopausal symptoms goes on and on. If you’re a woman over 35 and especially if you’ve already hit menopause, I highly recommend this article.

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  1. Hello, lovely Laura – thanks so much for sharing this. Just last week I had my five year check up following breast cancer treatment which doctors here in the UK say was the result of excess estrogen although we know there are so many other factors involved that they won’t even consider. I’m all clear πŸ™‚ but I believe that’s as much to do with the ongoing inner work and lifestyle changes that I’ve made to support my own healing. I have taken their recommended medication for the past five years but no more. They still want me to take it even though they admit it only has a 3% chance of having any positive effect! I’m starting to have an increasing number of not so helpful symptoms and know that my body has had enough, so researching and feeling my way into what will be right for me for this next stage. There are a number of things in this article that have been helpful so very grateful as always for your wisdom πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Susie, so glad you found some help in this article. Yes, the inner work and lifestyle changes are so important, too! Continued healing and blessings … Laura



  2. Thank you for the recommendation Laura. some useful information. Many thanks xx

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