Timothy Glenn ~ Smoking Hopium

Today we have an excellent post from my long time friend, the astrologer, numerologist and author, Timothy Glenn. On the surface, this article seems to address both Left and Right political Hopium; however, the takeaway message goes much deeper than politics. Like me, Tim supports inner empowerment and creativity. Good things are happening in the external world — yes, even in politics, unless, for some reason, you like human trafficking and pedophilia, which I really hope you don’t!

Yet we have far more influence tending our own gardens, both literal and metaphorical. Beyond the prevailing bad news and false hope exists another, magical paradigm that responds to us in real time and with tangible, verifiable results.

I know so many people living from this inner space, and contrary to doom ‘n’ gloom or empty platitudes, these people keep manifesting dreams come true. As Within, So Without. Carl Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” Once we do, though, we can actively “become the change we wish to see in the world.” The Hopi prophecies remind us: “This could be a good time.” Indeed, it is a good time … whenever we align ourselves and make it so. Here’s Tim:

Smoking Hopium

By Timothy Glenn

Proterrian describes hope as “a wimpy substitute for faith.” When people have been beaten down by life, to the point that their faith has been shattered, hope is all they have left. Faith reaches assuredly for the next handhold or foothold, even if unseen. But when hope is the only show in town, it grasps at straws in the wind, like a last gasp of desperation. The best thing that can be said for hope is that it’s better than nothing, because at least it hasn’t chosen total self destruction.

If your faith ever gets reduced to mere hope, it will help if you avoid the common tendency of reaching to the outside world for what can only be found within: your faith, which is a facet of your divine creative power. You are an expression of the infinite energy field. If you approach things from your infinite self, the infinite will support you.

Rather than submit to external forces, your human personality can surrender to your infinite self. That constitutes an act of genuine faith. Your life can pivot in that moment, because your spirit can handle anything.

On the other hand, hope can become quite delusional. Nowhere is this demonstrated more effectively than in the world of politics.

Your Tax Dollars: Inaction

People look to governments to solve problems, most of which were caused by the governments. Centralization of power attracts corrupticrats in droves. The people respond by increasing the centralization of power, hoping the further empowering of corrupticrats will solve the problems of corruption.

This is like an alcoholic who wants to recover by drinking more alcohol. Want to lose weight? Eat more junk food. Want to get back in shape? Avoid exercise. Want to learn? Keep your mind closed.

A Slog Down Memory Lane

Back in 2008, the United States gave the world a mass demonstration of deluded hope. Hordes of Americans (ardently supported by others across the world) swallowed the Big Blue Pill of “Hopey Changey”. Yeah, they were sure smoking a lot of what they thought was the newest brand of Hopium, but was really the same old brand in a different colored package.

In our immediate circles of colleagues in the metaphysical community, Laura Bruno stood out as the only other practitioner who did not fall for the 2008 Blue Pill sales pitch. It helped that neither of us had been playing the game of party politics, and could clearly see through such illusions. Non-partisanship can build strong immunity. And no, neither of us voted for John Insane McCain, in case anybody wonders.

Even today, many Americans cannot see that both of their major parties are owned and operated by the same financial interests at the top of the infamous pyramid scheme that passes itself off as government. This applies in most other countries as well. We still hear an endless refrain of “Yay for our team, boo for their team.” These folks evidently don’t see the ancient game of divide and conquer at play in their own lives.

Left, Right: The March of Tyranny

Ben Garrison’s brilliant 2010 cartoon called The March of Tyranny shows people being trampled by a massive “being” made of Illuminati symbolism. The blue left leg is stepping onto someone who says, “Ow!! Next time I’ll vote Republican!” Meanwhile the red right leg is flattening someone who says, “Ugh!! Next time I’ll vote Democrat!”

An important symbol in the cartoon shows the pyramid-shaped head shouting through a bullhorn labeled MSM. In case you have been living under a rock, MSM stands for mainstream media. It doesn’t matter if it’s the old king’s crier or a modern talking head on television, the bullhorn represents a horn used for spouting bull.

You might think humans would wise up and see through the illusions of this ruse after a few thousand years of it. But no-o-o-o-o.

If this comes as news to you, please go easy on yourself as you wake up. You were born in the trap. You grew up in this illusion, and you have never known anything else. Even regarding current governments, the system has operated this way since before our grandparents were born. As an aside – my oldest grandparent was born in 1885, so yeah – it’s been awhile.

Brand X Trump Hopium

We currently have two different brands of Hopium regarding President Donald Trump. Most of those who are smoking heavy loads of Brand X are the ones who all but overdosed on the Hopey Changey brand back in 2008. They desperately want to see Trump impeached and forced out of office, so some will ask if it’s in his chart. Then they pout when I tell them no.

In the summer of 2015, I gave him a 99.99% chance of winning not only the Republican nomination, but of winning the general election in the fall of 2016. A rabid Hillary supporter once got in my face and objected vociferously while hanging out at a local teahouse. I simply shrugged and said, “All I’m doing is reading the charts.” She indignantly huffed in response, “Well, I disagree.” I smiled and gently replied, “Okay, it’s you versus the universe. Good luck with that.”

There are greater forces at work on Planet Earth than such people know about. And the more of their Brand X Hopium they smoke, the less they will be able to perceive a bigger picture, let alone focus on it.

Brand Y Trump Hopium

Then we have the Trump supporters toking on their Brand Y Trump Hopium pipes. Their big pipe dream envisions President Trump brandishing a Harry Potter type magic wand and making the corrupticrats disappear overnight. They have no clue what it takes to dismantle a system of economic, political, academic and spiritual enslavement that can be traced back to ancient Babylon, if not beyond.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump did promise to bust the global pedophile ring and put an end to Luciferian child sacrifice, along with other forms of human trafficking, organ harvesting, etc. This takedown operation is in full swing, but the Brand Y Hopium smokers impatiently demand seeing arrests and convictions on mainstream television right now.

Sure. No problem. Presto change-o. This planetary cleanup involves going up against entrenched forces with billions of dollars in black operations budgets, backed by multi-trillionaire families. That would be like a single knight in shining armor stepping up to a gigantic sinister castle with hundreds of dark rooms and deep dungeons, and then simply announcing, “You’re all under arrest.” Good luck with that.

These creepazoids who run the world have access to weapons of mass destruction, control most of the world’s economy and resources, have literal armies at their command (not to mention air and naval forces), manipulate most governments, and maintain an array of socially engineered psychopaths ready to carry out terrorist attacks when a particular pheromone is released.

For example, these ultra wealthy predators could order a few of their mind controlled minions to commandeer a submarine, go rogue with it, and fire a missile at Hawaii in hopes of igniting world war. The Americans might block the attack and the Chinese might destroy the submarine, and then tell everyone it was a false alarm because someone had pushed a wrong button. But the global creepazoids would still have plenty more tricks up their sleeves. They thrive on false flag attacks of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Meanwhile, their mainstream media is busily brainwashing much of the population. And yet somehow, the Brand Y Trump Hopium smokers think a flourish of a presidential Harry Potter wand should make these ensconced global power mongers go kerpoof into the thin air of an admittedly well earned oblivion.

Get Real

The Brand Y Trump Hopium smokers might contemplate a few questions for starters.

Could you pull this off without collapsing the entire world economy? Could you pull this off without triggering mass destruction or even a world war?

Could you haul these perpetrators into the courts they own, and then somehow miraculously convict them? They can afford to hire teams of the most formidable crooked lawyers on earth. They already have most of the judges in their hip pockets. So exactly how would you accomplish this, Mr. Potter? These guys make Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters look like school yard bullies – in kindergarten, no less.

Different Rules of Engagement

A literal civil war has been waged behind the scenes for decades. In the intelligence agencies and military, as well as throughout other structures of the system, people have been getting killed. Only now is this conflict rising to the surface.

We might or might not see the global creepazoids being convicted in their own courts, with the proceedings being broadcast on the mainstream media outlets they own. We might be much better off employing methods like remote viewing, astral projection or soul travel. Then we could watch the military tribunals that are not being shown to the public at large.

Keep the faith, kids.

Wake Up and Smell the Sewage

All Hopium addicts are hereby encouraged to lay down their pipes and go through withdrawal. Reach inside and find your faith. Open your eyes, open your minds and open your hearts. This is the planetary transition – the Great Purification – that we have been talking about for ages.

If the Hopium smokers of all kinds are willing to endure some excruciating self-honesty, the resulting mental and emotional body detoxification would help facilitate the overall planetary detox. The time has come for humanity to integrate the deep, dark energies of its collective shadow.

Once we have cleared away the sludge, who knows what we will find beneath it? Perhaps flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, puppy dogs and rainbows. It’s entirely up to us. We are the Infinite Creator, and it’s about damned time we started acting like it.

Timothy Glenn

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  1. Posted by mia feroleto on February 17, 2018 at 10:55 am

    I, too, knew Trump would win more than a year in advance. It seems pretty clear that this is his role to fill. Not that he is presidential material by any stretch. He is providing the catalyst for change. People don’t understand that if they are willing to be honest with themselves, they will recognize the truth outside of the themselves because their bodies and their souls will clearly let them know when something is true and when they are being deceived. Once enough people reach this point it will become much easier for the remainder of the population to wake up. For some strange reason the biggest fear people have is to acknowledge that they are not ax murderers! How dark can the inner life for the average person be? You see my point.

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    • I do see your point, Mia! Over a decade ago, I wrote several posts about telepathy and discernment and how with these engaged, all this trickery won’t even be possible. People are so afraid to look inside, and the irony is, it’s much more beautiful in there than most people imagine. Seeing the beauty offers courage and motivation to clean up any mess.

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  2. […] « Timothy Glenn ~ Smoking Hopium […]

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  3. If this ceremony is our overlords’ idea of profundity, then they might be routed more easily than we think:

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  4. “Rule by fear” doesn’t just mean false flag attacks, etc – it also means convincing the citizenry that our cryptocrats have dark powers against which it is “futile to resist” even though these self-appointed archons do not actually possess such powers in true measure. What power they do have is that of concentrated wealth which can be employed to perpetrate all sorts of elaborate and nasty mischief dressed up in the garb of the all-powerful magician like the man behind the screen in the Wizard of Oz.
    The ceremony at Gothard Tunnel wasn’t a celebration of occult power so much as it was a scary movie intended for public consumption.

    “Revelation of the Method”

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  5. […] via Timothy Glenn ~ Smoking Hopium — Laura Bruno’s Blog […]

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  6. Posted by Anthony on February 17, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    This is a GREAT post by Timothy Glenn. I agree with almost everything he says about what Trump is doing and why, and that people need to be open-minded enough to accept that even deeply flawed people are cabable of doing incredibly powerful, service-to-other deeds. In fact, were this truth self-evident to anyone who ever looked in a mirror, this would truly be a paradise world 🙂

    When looking at the whole thing from a higher perspective, though, taking in the entire scene at once…I have some reservations, but I’m not sure how to process them. I wonder if what I am seeing could be akin to having simultaneous awareness of things from 3D, 4D, and 5D (and higher) perspectives? Let me see if I can put the picture in my mind into words, because doing so could help me (and others) come to clarity about not only what is going on here on Earth but in higher realities.

    The 3D perspective is obviously the status quo, Dems vs. Repubs stuff that Timothy eloquently describes above that people have been stuck in for millenia. He also provides the 4D perspective, showing what Trump is actually doing (4D chess!). It’s the 5D+ that concerns me however, because from the perspective of seeing things all at once, taking each and every data point (Trump, Clinton, Putin, earth changes, economics, etc.) together to create an overall “mosaic of consciousness”, what I am seeing is a vast cycle that has reached a nexus point – and the choices we make collectively at this time will decide whether we REPEAT another, similar vast cycle here on this Earth – or, if we *completely change* the entire PROGRAM and either terminate it and move on, or return this Earth to the Eden it once was.

    Looking at the polical and financial side of things, I know that at least in the recent past you used to read Ken’s not-so-grounded but illuminating posts at “RedefiningGod.com” (misogynist though he is). I also regularly read the grounded works of Brandon Smith of “Alt-Market.com”, who is an Oathkeeper very well schooled in the history of how the world got to this point (e.g. via the works Quigley; Sutton; Allen; Rothbard; Abraham etc.). Both of them make a very convincing case that what we are witnessing on the world scene is a twisted game of “good cop”/”bad cop”, and that it is being orchestrated from above by the international bankers (those who run the central banks present in nearly every country now (except Syria, N. Korea, and Iran…hmmm), inculding the Bank of International Settlements [BIS] as well as the IMF, FED, BRICS etc.).

    These bankers are controlling ALL sides: Putin, Trump, Premier Xi, Yellen, Modi, Tsipris, Kuroda, Juncker, Merkel, Macron, Wilder, May, Duterte, Clintons and Bushes etc. to create a scenario where the “evil west” is exposed for all to see and then brought down and replaced with the “good east”, with the BRICS nations replacing the “evil dollar” with a new world currency (gold-backed SDR, Yuan or cryptocurrency?) – and, the world will *welcome* them with open arms, because in comparison to the devastation wrought by the evil west, it will seem so much better. BUT: the SAME PEOPLE will control this currency, and the world, and this was all planned long ago and executed by these banker families. After all, one of their most famous quotes is, “we control all revolutions against us.”

    When I look at all the moves made by these people in power as a whole, it does seem to me that there is some extraordinary level of coordination involved that could not possibly occur by chance. For example, the fact that all the world’s western banks seem to be going down simultaneously while at the same time the eastern banks are storing gold (conveniently buying it from western countries, BTW) and setting up banking systems to bypass the dollar – and doing this with the help of the IMF and BIS (which funds both sides), is telling. So is the simultaneous release and testing of multiple cryptocurrencies by many of these same countries, and the promotion of BitCoin. Also, the Chinese Yuan has recently been added to the SDR system of currencies, which is run by the BIS, and the dollar portion of the SDR has been reduced (also by the BIS, which runs the FED by proxy). There are just too many coincidences for this to be some kind of ‘divine providence’ – there is a definite plan in action here, and the bankers are present in every phase of it.

    So, from my “higher perspective” (at least I hope it is!), what I see is a plan that involves every facet of the leaderships of this world working in concert to create a state of ‘controlled chaos’ that the bankers hope to use to get people to embrace the adoption of a one world currency and one world government, and they will do so by “sacrificing” the “evil west” and their nefarious ways and presenting the “good easterners” and their gold-backed banking systems as saviours (though if it involves a cryptocurrency, I would question that narrative especially seriously, for issues beyond the scope of this post).

    But…and here is where I have some confusion and reservations about what I am seeing: if the overall result of this whole shebang is the outing of all the world’s pedophiles and the institution of sound monetary systems, along with the release of suppressed technology and the empowerment of ALL people beyond where they were previously – should I be concerned at all about any of the shenanigans at the higher levels, even if the same people wind up in control of the monetary systems in the end? Is this truly what we should be hoping for, and is it the best that can be achieved in a 4D society, wherein there must always be a simutaneous existence of darkness and light since duality is a condition of existence on this plane?

    Now the existential questions: is this just the upside of a continuous ‘wave of existence’ at the 3D/4D level that is now geared towards the lighter side of things for some time, before the cycle ends and darkness again takes over? How many times has this happened in the past? And, is being aware of all that I have written truly “5D consciousness”, and if so, does that mean those who can see things at this level (if valid) are poised to “graduate” to another game, because I for one am TIRED of all this mess and I want to head for the exit!!!

    I could write for hours on these topics, but enough for one day I am sure you would agree!! Thanks again for posting Timothy’s article, it definitely provided a lot of food for thought!

    Take care,


    (p.s. if you would like to post this anywhere else, please feel free!)

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    • Thanks, Anthony! I suspect Tim will reference this older piece by him about the various dimensions: https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/timothy-glenn-the-heart-breath/

      Also, are you familiar with Dolores Cannon and the Two Earth’s? https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/dolores-cannon-changes-needed-for-the-new-frequencies/

      I posted that in 2013, but it’s still interesting in terms of what I observe. I really don’t think we’re all living in the “same” of any of these dimensions. In other words, who’s to say there aren’t an infinite number of options from which to choose?

      I do still check in on Ken’s blog, but yes, he’s a misogynist, AND he’s very often wrong in his shorter term predictions. I also don’t think he gets the whole manifestation thing. Try it, just for fun. Think of something you’d like or need — but don’t feel desperate for in any way — and then giggle when it comes to you. I just did it on our errands — created a “skirt” out of essentially thin air that was exactly what I’d imagined … only one of them available. The other week, I did it with an office chair, and the store mgr freaked out because they had JUST gotten the chairs in stock and just put them on display right by the front door, just moments before we walked through and I said to David, “Yep, that’s the one. There it is.” The mgr showed up and the more I giggled the more freaked out he got. We looked around at other chairs, but obviously that was the one … and … this kind of stuff happens ALL the time if we allow it.

      So yeah, I post these articles of making people aware of the BS “reality” presented to us … but ONLY so people loosen its grasp enough to create their own much preferred versions. Depending on which timeline you inhabit, Putin’s a KGB monster biggest Illuminati of them all … or a jolly, good chess player. It doesn’t “matter” unless you MAKE it matter. We have options. 🙂

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  7. Great post. The bogey man is much bigger than many understand. It’s good to get slapped upside the head with the big hopism stick.

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  8. Fun feedback so far. Thanks for the stimulating response, Anthony. And for Laura: that was a really cool intro, and your reply to Anthony ended with “We have options.” Indeed we do, and that has already sparked the next article. Two earths? Only two?

    In the last paragraph, I mentioned the possibilities of “flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, puppy dogs and rainbows.” It seems Laura has added “magic, fun and giggles”, especially with her newest post.

    As Sherlock Holmes often exclaimed to Watson: “The game is afoot!”

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  9. To continue I found myself veering towards hopium over the last month until a few days ago. Then I realized I began feeling very confused and off kilter. I could only compare it to being gaslighted. The minute that blessed thought crossed my mind I knew it was time to extract myself. It’s taking a little time to readjust. But am grateful for the course correction. This was spot on. Thanks so much Laura for posting and Timothy for your grounded sanity 💝

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  10. Posted by Barbara on February 17, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    7.5 billion plus Earths… choose one! Wonderful post, super comments, much appreciated. B.

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  11. As to Bo’s comment about the “profundity” of the Gotthard Tunnel ceremony, a recent Q Anon post said: “Their symbolism will be their downfall.”

    In Chapter 27 of David Rockefeller’s Memoirs, he claimed that we should be grateful to have our entire world governed “by an intellectual elite”. There are those of us who would dispute his claim to intellectual elitism. But even if it were true, he left out that his “intellectual elite” are indisputably spiritual morons.

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  12. Posted by Anthony on February 17, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    Thanks Laura, and Tim! Yes, I own Dolores’s book and in fact just finished re-reading it last week.

    As for what I wrote above – thanks for posting it and commenting! Sometimes just getting that stuff out there helps ME become clearer, and I can see now that what I wrote was from a 3D perspective trying to make sense of 4D and 5D and it just can’t be done from that level. BUT: getting it out there really helped to “reboot” my mind so I could see what I was doing and where I have been stuck.

    So now I’m gonna work on just BEING on those higher levels as you suggest! Once there, all the lower stuff does just go away, and I keep forgetting!!

    Thanks again!

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  13. Posted by Kieron on February 18, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    Yes, Anthony’s comment helped me connect 2 dots I hadn’t yet connected, and the “options” remark is also strangely liberating. And for a moment, on a “news” site elsewhere, I had a flash of insight into what “fake news” can mean. If you’ve heard tell of phantom Twitter followers, the Russian trolls on FB, and comment-bots, you’ll know what I mean. *Everything* online seems designed to keep people in a state of spiritual immaturity, earn their attention, divert gazes, gain followers, garner clicks, or gather eyeballs. All I can surmise is it’s all designed to get us to focus inward and shut out the external noise… or, at least I’m trying to. 😦

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    • I think you’re onto something, Kieron! I also notice that this whole push to technology and Big Brother recording/monitoring of everything is really just a poor substitute for spiritual gifts we all could access. When we remember that, we don’t need “the middleman” of Facebook, Twitter, etc. All that chatter! Eventually, yes, you’re right, it begs to be tuned out, so we can focus inward. Good training for some, I suppose. 🙂

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  16. […] the planet, dead or alive. For a useful perspective on this, it would help to review the article Smoking Hopium. “Presto change-o” did not appear on our drop-down menu this […]

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