Future’s So Bright …

I planned to share this on Monday, but in many ways, this giggle fest post illustrates the positive, magical and more joyful aspects of Timothy Glenn’s “Smoking Hopium” post. The following events occurred on Valentine’s Day morning. David manifested the afternoon off, and I scheduled off the morning, too, as a personal day.

In my effort to embrace more of my Capricorn North Node and the December 19, 2017 move of taskmaster Saturn into its home sign of Capricorn, I ordered a goals workbook/2018 planner in addition to my astrological and moon cycle planner. This is not just any goals workbook, though! The usual planners and goal trackers leave me cold and unmotivated, trapped in society’s straightjacket. The more business-y, marketing, left brain, traditional, trendy or regimented it looks or sounds, the more I become my Houdini Gemini self.

I feng shui my Fame area rather than doing any social media or marketing, and I use the “Cosmic Scheduler” to ensure I have just the right amount of money flow and downtime each week. That whole Capricorn discipline thing makes me want to garden or get a massage. Cover my head in a henna mud pie, arrange flowers, or drown that inner tyrant in green juice. I get things done — lots of them, in fact — but I do so by giving myself so many options that “hard work” feels like playing hooky instead of buckling down. There’s a reason I’m self employed. David jokes, “That Laura Bruno’s a tyrant! Good thing Laura Bruno the employee’s so tricky.”

I can and do manifest whatever I need in the moment. (An old professor calls me “Lily” for Solomon’s “lilies of the field.”) But I do have a pesky Capricorn North Node, so my destiny point encourages things like:

“Embrace (Capricorn north node):
Leadership, professional and business acumen, being proactive, empowering others instead of enabling, living a public life, cool-headed vision, masculine energy, relationship with father/father figures” (click here for more North and South Node info.)

I need to bring more Capricorn into my life, but I need to do so on my own terms. Which brings us to Valentine’s Day morning. I sat down under a cozy blanket to begin filling out Leonie Dawson’s super girlie, fun and powerful “Goals Workbook That Transforms Everything”:


Instead of demotivating me, this well rounded planner got me even more positive and excited about 2018 than I’ve already felt.

As I continued daydreaming and listing my intentions and tangible steps like a Cappy goat up the proverbial mountain, two women rang the front doorbell. I could tell they saw me through our large, southern window, so I answered the main door while keeping the outer glass one locked. One woman hung back, while the other did the talking.

After our initial hello’s, I asked, “So what do you want?”

She said, “Oh, we’re here to talk about the Good News. So many people are concerned about the future. We’re just here to share the Good News.”

I smiled and said, “Oh, I feel really good about the future.”

She dropped the smile and challenged me with a chilly: “You feel good about the future?”

“Yes,” I said, still smiling, “I feel happy and excited about the future.”

The woman stepped back, bent over and peered up into my eyes in disbelief. “You feel good about the future?! The future looks bright to you?”

“Yes,” I said. “There’s lots of Good News.”

“Well, ohhhhhhh-kay,” she said, “if that’s how you feeeeeeeel.” She backed away, and then she and the other woman hightailed it to their car.

I burst out laughing and texted Tania about the exchange: “Couldn’t get to their car fast enough. I guess the Good News is not so believably good even to those professing it. Meanwhile, [I’m] feeling grateful for all of it.”

“It was hilarious.”

“She looked at me like I was insane.”

Then, about a half hour later I couldn’t stop laughing. In fact, I’m still giggling, even now. Here’s how I explained it to Tania:

“Ok, now this is huge LOL, because I realized I am literally wearing rose colored glasses and was when the woman came to the door and asked about the future. Like the expression, seeing through rose colored glasses. That might have something to do with her quizzical look. Had them on because it is soooo bright with the snow and all our windows on a sunny day. Makes reading easier. LOL, future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.”


My Shining Life … in a loungewear bathrobe, wearing rose colored glasses, because the “future’s so bright…. I gotta wear shades.” And so it is. So mote it be for thee.

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  1. Posted by Mitch on February 17, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    wonderfully empowering post Laura! Another T shirt idea I Feng Shui My Fame

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  3. hehe!!! fun times always! love you!

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  4. Rose colored glasses…what if you have started a new fashion trend?

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  5. Wow, those two women—assuming they were religious proselytizers of some kind—really didn’t seem to be standing in their power. Were you crazy for liking the current, predominant “news?” Or did they assume that if you did, that you must be a Satanist or something?

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    • They were for sure religious proselytizers. They had their Bibles and were ready with their spiel, expecting me to drop everything and let them inside our home.

      To be fair, if someone does not have a delivery package for me or isn’t a neighbor welcoming me to the neighborhood with homemade vegan banana bread, then they really have no business knocking on our door or peering in the windows. I’m not a Satanist, but I value my privacy.

      I don’t like conflict, but I also really do not like unannounced visitors, especially ones with an agenda or one-view belief system. In order to discourage them, this property and house are gridded with orgone, crystals, faery guardians, portal paintings with embedded Runes, Reiki, energetic boundaries, intentions, and chants. I have a huge owl painting visible from the front porch, and if you happen to look inside when you shouldn’t be, it looks like the owl is staring at you.

      It’s possible they thought I was insane for thinking there was any good news besides THEIR Good News. Or that they didn’t really have much faith in their proselytizing. I don’t think the woman talking saw the owl painting, but it’s possible that they got a profound sense they did not belong here, which they didn’t.

      Once I took that untouched selfie to send Tania, I realized, it’s also possible I looked like a glowing ET with rose colored bug eyes! Who knows … but I find the entire thing quite humorous regardless of which version of the story it was. 😉

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