An Impromptu Photo Shoot

Oh, Kalamazoo Kal, it’s your day. At the risk of summoning you to our yard again, how could I not reblog this post? Thanks for all the entertainment last Summer and Fall. You do make me smile, but maybe not quite as much as the cat who chased you away.

Happy Groundhog Day, my fat friend. May you hibernate long and well, and when you awaken, may you eat only dandelions and clover.

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Yesterday afternoon, I was taking one of my usual walks, admiring the magnificent trees and clouds:


I happened to wander past a field and copse where I know a groundhog lives, probably one of Kalamazoo Kal’s relatives. I suddenly thought, “It’s funny how often I’ve mentioned groundhogs — Tucker Rat Boy, Kalamazoo Kal — but never posted a photo of any of them on my blog. Of course, when I looked up, this friendly gal was out munching dinner in the autumn colors:


And then …

I thought, “Well, she’s very cute, but it’s just not Kal. I can never get a clear photo from the dining room windows due to the screens.” When I got home, I started reading on the BioMat in the back room, as I so often do. By now you’ve probably guessed who showed up for an impromptu photo shoot through the screenless part of…

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  1. Posted by Mitch on February 2, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    Kal must have seen his shadow (self) today, six more weeks of glorious winter.

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