Manifestation, Law of Attraction and Creativity

This April 2010 post wants to go up again. Creativity keeps coming up in so many recent sessions, so I figure it’s probably up in the larger collective, too. Whether you consider yourself an artist, a poet, or a lump on a log with zero creative impulse, you ARE a creator. Why not tap into that power to create something magnificent?!

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For years I have recommended clients and students get in touch with their creative side, wherever that may lead. Some people journal, others decide to paint, prepare food, or make movies or jewelry. Whatever the medium, creativity provides a great outlet for emotions, as well as a way to track progress.

The real reason I suggest creative projects so often, though, has more to do with manifestation and the Law of Attraction. So many people these days view themselves as “uncreative.” You would not believe how many people argue with me that they “don’t have a creative bone” in their body. Not only is this perception untrue, but it can cause paralysis. No, not usually on the physical plane! But people who feel stuck in life tend to be the ones who most deny their own creativity.

Why does this present a problem? Well, from a Life Coaching or…

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  1. LOL! Take a look at my blog post from yesterday afternoon. Sync winks and giggles 😂

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  2. Timely, so timely. What a powerful reminder at this time of the new year that creation begets creation. And exercises and strengthens one’s creation muscle. Creation also brings pleasure, both during the process as well as with the finished creation. Lastly, creation flows most powerfully when coupled with one’s faith and purpose.

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  3. Just saw it right after I posted this! We funny. 😉

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  4. Thank you, Sky! Excellent additional points! Happy Creative New Year!


  5. big time funnies!

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  6. I had trouble clicking through to the complete original post, so I went to the April 2010 archives to find the full article. Here’s the direct link:

    As one who did a lot of art in her youth, played a musical instrument and later made jewelry and had other creative projects, I have let my talents and hobbies lie dormant for far too long, and I find myself a bit stuck at the moment, needing to make a breakthrough. Perhaps this will help me to get things in motion. The current astrological aspects (New Moon and 6 planets in Capricorn) can also assist in shifting our lives into a more abundant flow.

    Thanks for this timely reminder!

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  7. So glad you’re feeling led to more creativity, Phoenix! You might also like Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way.” It’s great for reigniting and finding new passions and moving through any blocks or limitations. Highly recommended! 🙂

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  8. Everyone’s got something they can do. “I’m not a creative person” is such a sad sentence to hear, as people just shut themselves off from this fantastic, satisfying world. Thought provoking post. Thank you for sharing.

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  9. You’re welcome, and you’re so right!


  10. I love this post. The concept of sticking with it through the ugliness is fantastic. I garden, and things definitely look worse before they look better if you are creating a new space. It takes 3 years to look fabulous. Maybe this is the same for changing your life?!

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  11. Thank you, and yes, you might be onto something with that 3 years to look fabulous. 🙂

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