We Tied the Celtic Knot on Yule

Happy Winter or Summer Solstice, depending on your location! I cannot believe it’s been a glorious, action packed, enormously transformative YEAR since David and I tied the Celtic Knot on Yule. We’ll spend this day celebrating our shifts, eating a piece of last year’s Yule Log wedding cake, visiting some favorite spots in Michigan, and continuing to envision and enact next year’s journey.

We are also taking some time to honor our vast friend, Tim, as he had planned a mysterious Yule celebration for himself before his sudden passing. Or perhaps in eerie anticipation of that passing?! He was most mysterious about the ceremony, but had requested today and tomorrow off work and indicated to us the ceremony’s importance to him.

The past 72 hours have brought such a Celtic knot of synchronicities, memories, dreams, owls and aha moments that I now consider Tim’s passing to be what Aristotle defined as a good ending: “inevitable but unexpected.” I will post less private details sometime, but for today, David and I celebrate one year of marriage, our major life change of moving to Kalamazoo at Summer Solstice, and the friend who was so intertwined with that evolving process.

For us, Yule always reveals itself as pivotal. Solstice = Sol (Sun) still (for three days). May you find the magic in the moment.

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Some of you already knew and maybe some of you wondered: David and I tied the Celtic knot on Yule. Literally: our rings are from Dublin.


Since we began our relationship as housemates, we have never not lived together, but a series of both subtle and not-so-sublte synchronicities recently revealed to us the time, manner and place of our sacred union.

We wanted our ceremony completely private, just between us, and I am not a wedding kind of gal. I’ve often said, “The only way I would have a wedding would be on Halloween so that everyone’s in costume, obviously reflecting their respective roles.” All true, but we wanted more than a courthouse experience to sanctify our marriage. Heaven, Earth and especially the Faery Realm aligned. It just so happened that we got married at midweek, at dusk, on Winter Solstice, by a hearth, as close as possible to the…

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Laura! ❤︎ (Yuliversary) xo

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  2. So much has shifted and expanded over the year! happy anniversary and newness! indeed so many hidden surprises supporting it all! ❤



  3. Posted by manyhahama1955 on December 21, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    Happy happy joy joy Anniversary! Craig and I are celebrating ours too. Yes, it does feel like another lifetime ago…just a year ago….Much love to you both and may you have many more wonderful years together. with love, Sophia



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