Caroline Myss ~ Choices that Can Change Your Life

Some great wisdom from Caroline Myss about the power of choice: Caroline goes over five potent choices that will change everything. This is tough love from one of the wisest healers and teachers of our time, the author of “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can” — a must listen for anyone with chronic health issues:

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  2. Elicia Miller took notes and said I could post them here:

    I took notes if you want to use them:

    We are the new frontier. Why we become ill and why we don’t heal. We are looking for a story not a virus.

    We need to put choice as an authority. The power of the choices you make have infinite consequences.

    The tiny choices you think have the least power, are the most powerful choices of your life – which depend on your sense of self and wellbeing.

    People are terrified of making choices, being held accountable for a consequence.

    List of choices that matter:

    1 – Decision to live with integrity. Walk the way you talk. Tell the truth. You are not going to comprise yourself or another person. Liars don’t heal. You can eat healthy all you want but if you blame others for what you do, you won’t heal. Your body, mind, heart and soul knows what you do.

    2 – Decision to not pass on your suffering, pass on your wisdom. Look at what happened to you and not let it defeat you, turn it into your source of wisdom. Choose wisdom or woe.

    3 – Take risks in your life. Don’t wait for proof. Take risks. You will always hit regret stage. Don’t make decisions based on the risk of being humiliated, costing too much money, failing etc. Most of the best things that happened, you didn’t have anything to do with. Don’t take the safe path. Don’t look backwards for guidance – who you were and what you did will pull you back – it causes you to long for things that are not appropriate anymore. Be IN the newness, not afraid of it.

    4 – Choose new words! Quantum energy medicine includes the power of the vocabulary that we use. The vibration of your neurology includes toxic and hostile thoughts towards your life, yourself and other. See yourself and others as not good enough – blame and deserve – feel entitled. Your depressions would be much less. Blaming anything will take you out of your present.

    5 – Choose to get up everyday and bless your day. It’s blessed because you are alive. Just because you are not what you have. This day will never come again. Nothing like this will ever come again. That choice will take out every bitterness. See the present with great gratitude and love.

    Elicia Miller
    Core Emotional Healing & Candida Expert

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