Finding Your Own Center

Another 2014 post wants to go up again. Just substitute today’s headlines for the ones I mentioned then. My heart goes out to anyone facing challenges or feeling like another guru, politician, city, and/or religion has let you down. More and more, we need to return to our own true center, from which we radiate any positive influence we can ever hope to have in this world. Your path is YOUR path, and your path always offers choices.

Coming back to center allows us to address the scary things from a position of strength, to grieve the loss from a place of regeneration, to transmute anger or outrage into positive, healing actions. Peace in, peace out. This, too, shall pass.

Laura Bruno's Blog

It’s always so interesting to read or watch world or national events “unfold” online and then have a session with someone from that area who usually provides me with very different details and experiences. So far today I’ve spoken with someone in Japan (who initially contacted me right after Fukushima) and another person who just left Kiev and plans to return for awhile to see their lover before returning to their own country. Tomorrow, I speak with a Nevadan who happens to be married to a California farmer who’s well aware of “riparian rights” and the huge implications of “changing regulations.”

I have another friend traveling in Japan and China right now, and Goshen’s got a large Ukranian population — not that I know any of them. Yesterday, I received word that my high school experienced a “three hour lockdown” as someone had called to say armed men entered the…

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