Timothy Glenn ~ Eclipsing Our Reality

This just in from astrologer, numerologist and author, Timothy Glenn, along with a short note/trigger warning:


Eclipsing Our Reality

By Timothy Glenn

We have been hearing lots of hubbub around the subject of the August 2017 eclipses, the opening of the lion’s gate, and especially the anticipated impact of the August 21st total solar eclipse on the United States.

First there will be two warm up exercises. Depending on where you are on the planet, the lunar eclipse will occur at 15 degrees Aquarius on August 7th or 8th. This will be followed by the Perseid meteor shower, which will peak on August 12th. These events will set the stage for the main attraction.

As the meteor shower is ending, Mercury will go into its famous retrograde phase. This lunar eclipse in Aquarius will stir a collective desire for a radically improved world, and the Mercury retrograde will suggest that we let go of our preprogrammed ideas as to what social actions will “fix” the dysfunctions of our current society.

Fake Moons

New moons or full moons: they’re all fake moons. In December of 1995, I was asked to do a channeling session for an astrological society. Proterrian asked the audience of about a hundred, “How many of you are open to the ‘theory’ that your moon is not really your moon, but rather an artificial orb placed in an artificial orbit around your planet for the purpose of keeping human emotions under control?” With no hesitation, about 95% of the astrologers raised their hands.

When mentioning this in subsequent years, it has helped to edit the term “under control” to “within certain parameters”.

This has colored my work as an astrologer. There is no denying the powerful influence of the moon, because it was designed to have a profound effect on this world and everyone in it. However, not seeing that artificial space station as our friend, there is no way to recommend playing into its energies. That definitely includes the times we experience eclipses.

Hmm…elaboration requires a separate article…later.

A wise old astrologer once said: “Your stars are not there to master you. You are here to master your stars.” Along this line, your moon is not there to dictate your emotional states. You are here to transcend the emotional programming it inflicted on you.

Dark Shadows

As the total solar eclipse casts its shadow, we could interpret this as something artificial blocking out that which is natural. Why doesn’t a cosmic referee blow the whistle and call interference?

But let’s refer back to Buckminster Fuller’s recommendation: “Don’t fight forces, use them.”

We can use this total solar eclipse as an astringent, to draw forth unhealed gunk from our subconscious, both individually and collectively. There are still compressed files of limiting matrix data within us, waiting to be unzipped, so the contents and their issues can finally be resolved.

From my article 2017: Welcome to the Twilight Zone:

“Carl Gustav Jung recommended that we integrate the shadow. All around us, we see unresolved issues oozing or erupting out of people, and the planetary transmutation process will amplify this phenomenon as everything intensifies throughout the year. Those who have done shadow work will be glad they did.”

A truly brilliant observation by Jung is expressed in his well known quote:

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Truth Will Out

With Uranus offering a tight trine to the solar eclipse, facets of our collective shadow will become significantly more visible. We have used expressions like the deep state or the shadow government, and the time has come for humanity to step up and face the music. Humans as a species have an amazingly deep and dark shadow side.

The old guard of the planetary management system has been trying desperately to maintain its public façade, but the Uranus influence here wants to reveal the truth.

The fluffy “it’s all good” crowd will be challenged to look at our collective shadow: war, murder, poverty, rape, conquest, exploitation, abuse, deception, human trafficking, organ harvesting, pedophilia, child sacrifice and on and on and on. None of this could manifest in our world without our acquiescence, so now the human race will have a huge wave of responsibility plopped onto its collective lap.

The Planetary Data Dump

Independent researchers, journalists and investigators have been unearthing massive troves of data to expose the workings of the political, religious and economic machine that has long held humanity in abject slavery. This eclipse season will give their efforts a welcome boost. But what will so many typical Earthlings do when their favorite political figures and entertainers are revealed as the criminals they have been all along? Suggestion: deal with it.

My friend Inelia Benz has long emphasized that we can always reserve the right to say no. When any set of possibilities is proffered, we are under no obligation to acquiesce. And no, hundreds of millions of us do not wish to continue tolerating a fear-based illusion being imposed upon us as though it were Reality.

No, we will no longer put up with an artificial Matrix that keeps us from experiencing the Natural Universe and flowing with its love-based Reality.

Truth will out. May we bolster enough courage to face it.

Timothy Glenn

UPDATE from Laura: OK, I’ve received enough commentary and private emails to list my own comment up here. Whether or not the Moon is real or an artificial satellite need not rock your world. I suppose it could for many people, but it doesn’t need to, even if you’re pagan or into Goddess/Moon worship. There are enough positive effects that the Moon does — tides, temperate climates, agricultural support — to argue that if artificial, it was originally added to make Earth more habitable but was then co-opted like so many other things. My point in posting this article was to nudge people into greater awareness of energies and utilizing them for your own purposes instead of being slaves to external forces.

18 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mitch on August 7, 2017 at 2:08 am

    Whoa Timothy, do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of 10,000 Wiccan moon priestess’s pissed off at you! I know you’ve alluded to the moon being fake before in your work but man did you bring the straight talk this time.

    I like it.

    Liked by 1 person


    • Hehe, Mitch. I probably should have included my usual commentary about tools being tools regardless of original intent. There’s enough positive stuff that the Moon does to make it possible that it was originally a good intention, co-opted like the rest. Either way, awareness allows us to make the most of it.



  2. Posted by Aiga on August 7, 2017 at 2:57 am

    Just out of curiosity – what are your thoughts about moon being ‘artificial orb placed in an artificial orbit around your planet for the purpose of keeping human emotions under control’? I remember listening about it on Fireside chat with him too and it kind of blew my mind. Really?

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    • Hi Aiga, my personal belief is that yes, it’s artificial but that it was originally placed with intent to make Earth more habitable — tides, climate patterns, etc. and was then co-opted like all the other benign intent things seem to be. Can I prove any of this? Nope. But that’s my sense. In any case, if you become aware of influence, you can use that influence to your own advantage and to the benefit of liberation, whatever the original intent was. 🙂



  3. Posted by Kieron on August 7, 2017 at 7:02 am

    Ah yes, that moon. Not for nothing is The Moon card in Tarot a hint that things are not what they seem to be! For those who want to go even deeper, may I offer this link (with Laura’s permission of course):


    Such intense times. I sometimes feel like Jodie Foster buckled into her seat inside that space capsule in “Contact.”

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    • Haha, for sure, Kieron! Thanks for the link. Also, see the comment I had written in response to a private email about the Moon and how that relates to various pagan/goddess traditions. I keep coming back to permaculture: “the problem is the solution.” All of these things are just tools if we know how to use them. 🙂

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  4. I feel like I should also add this comment I made via email to a very pagan leaning friend wondering what Tim’s assertions would mean for the whole goddess moon tradition: “I was talking about this with David last night. Look at all the things the Moon does, even if fake: regulate tides, create temperate climates, help with crop growth. Just because it’s not real doesn’t mean it needs to be all bad. Maybe I should add that to my post. 🙂



  5. Posted by Dawn Vierra on August 7, 2017 at 10:30 am

    Reblogged this on Deer Heart Reiki Blog and commented:
    Thank you Laura for the post and comments. Thank you Timothy for your words of wisdom. This is definitely a promoting aid to use these energies of August to our full advantage. Individually and collectively. 💜



  6. Posted by Demitra M. N. on August 7, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Timothy Glenn.. in excellent form.. as usual. Loved it, thanks!

    Thank you, Kieron, for the link to “The Esoteric Significance of the Moon and the Matrix Control System” — great article! After reading the quote by Mark Hedsel, I was inspired to finally invest in a used copy of his book “The Zelator”.

    As for the Moon: it most certainly is a key component in maintaining the holographic programming of this, our present collective reality. While the Moon may have originally been installed for wholly benign reasons, it’s purposes have since changed with the changing-of-the-guard. And since I have no desire to align myself with the forces that presently control the lunar energies, I deliberately avoid engaging in ritualistic conjuring that holds potential for opening occulted doorways, as it were. Instead, I restrict myself to studying the “hand-manuals” of the Matrix, such as Tarot and Astrology, and leave the rest to braver souls. 😉

    Your sharing is much appreciated, Laura — Thank you!!

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  7. To quote this article: “Hmm…elaboration requires a separate article…later.” Okay. Later means in a few days.

    And thanks, Laura, for helping clarify things while the next article is written.

    Here’s a quote that has been attributed to lots of people: “The truth shall set you free, but first it’ll piss you off.”

    Thanks for the feedback, folks. Stimulating conversation, eh?

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  8. […] Timothy Glenn ~ Eclipsing Our Reality | Laura Bruno’s Blog […]

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  9. Posted by lisaeb3 on August 9, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    As usual, more pieces of the puzzle fall into place. The comments regarding the moon were seeds of a much larger picture for all of us waking up to Reality. Kind of scary, kind of sad as we let go of our childhood ideas and heroes. But bring it on! We need transformation. Eagerly awaiting “the separate article”. The fun continues.



  10. Posted by thymia17 on August 11, 2017 at 8:39 am

    appreciate this post, because in my area, there are people ramping up awareness for the solar eclipse as a time of transformation, and “putting all their eggs in that basket,” which I’m not inclined to do. But did not know the information Timothy presents, and appreciate it!



  11. […] ba-a-a-ck! After his last post rocked many a worldview, Timothy Glenn returns as promised to discuss the moon and its influence. […]



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