7 Sneaky Things Narcissists Say to Get You Back

This video seems very important to post right now — perhaps for some individual readers, but also in this time of increased revelations. Our world is run by narcissists, on both sides of the political aisle, in many religions, cults, and high positions of power. This video speaks to people involved in a romantic relationship with a narcissist; however, it offers insights into more public displays of people getting caught in various situations.

I especially agree with the “projection” and “hoovering” information. I hear from so many people who, often unbeknownst to themselves, are involved with people on the narcissist, sociopath or even psychopath spectrum. The lines they’re fed are so eerily similar that it’s almost like listening to a script whenever someone describes this type of relationship. In the interests of supporting those people beginning to feels cracks in their denial and little flickers of clarity and courage, I present this video for your consideration.

No comment on specific political or religious affairs, other than to say: narcissism is rampant, especially in the less obvious players who seem to have all the right words and excuses. As a society in evolution, we have a chance to move beyond this entire paradigm. Let’s use it!


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  1. Posted by Demitra M. N. on August 3, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    First of all, the terms Narcissist, Sociopath, and Psychopath, are all interchangeable. Their only real difference is “degree” of self-centered-ness. Fundamentally, they are Service-to-Self oriented, as opposed to the Service-to-Others camp (of which, bty, I am an eternal member 😉 ).

    The all-out, full-fledged psychopath does not actually populate our world as much as the secondary type. The former is born that way and they cannot be “fixed” as such — they are found occupying all high positions; we refer to them as the elite.

    The latter, the secondary psychopaths, the one’s we run into pretty much EVERYwhere (even, and especially, within our very own families) never work through their childish narcissism, and as a result of a lifetime of tv brainwashing and poor educational conditioning, they join the ranks of a, by now, very large population of those who care nothing for the environment, and much less for other people and other species.

    The high functioning psychopathic elites seek out the secondary types to do their dirty work, hence, we encounter them in all governmental offices, banks, companies and large corporations of all kinds, etc… performing all the vital clerical duties that keep the giant corrupted systems and organizations well-oiled and functioning, and all of us perfectly enslaved to them.

    It behooves all Service-to-Other adherents to know that psychopathy is all around us and to be perpetually alert and aware for potential attacks. I’m not saying we should be paranoid and fearful, merely know you are walking inside a den of vipers and, therefore, taking our daily steps with more care and fore-thought. The fact is, the enemy has many “open portals” (psychopaths are easy vehicles for the dark side to operate through) and thus, many opportunities to strike out at those of us who are in service to the light — but not if we see them coming first, right?

    Hi, Laura! 🙂

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    • All true, thanks Demitra! Yes, it’s so important to learn how to recognize the patterns. They become so obvious once you learn what they are. Thanks for the additional insights. 🙂



  2. Posted by Dawn Vierra on August 3, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    Reblogged this on Deer Heart Reiki Blog and commented:
    This is something I am familiar with on a number of levels. Be informed and see what is in front of you whether in a personal relstiinship and on the world stage. Don’t fool yourself. I would love to see that this is no longer an issue even. Thank you Laura for sharing this again Hugs

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  3. Traumatizing douchebaggery. Classic! 🙂 Agreed, Laura – being aware of the patterns and tactics is key to stepping out of any internalized ‘toxic normal’ with them. Always good reminders!

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