Timothy Glenn ~ Earth Retrograde

Tim Glenn and I were having a back and forth, and I mentioned: “Yeah, it’s like Merc Rx all the time these days. 🙂 ” to which he replied: “Anyway — as to your comment: Some articles become more pertinent as time goes by, and are sometimes worthy of reposting — such as:” [this post below … it’s not a New Moon or Merc Rx right now, but yes, his post seems even more relevant today, so here you go!]

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Here’s a timely one from my friend, Astrologer Timothy Glenn. I could provide a very long, twisty, turn-y, ouch-y, shaking my head and laughing intro about just how right he is, but if you’re living on planet Earth right now, you can probably provide your own synchronous intro. Happy New Moon, Happy Mercury Retrograde, and Happy Earth Retrograde!

Earth Retrograde

As we move into the Mercury retrograde of May 2015, people can now have something to “blame” for their wild and sundry symptoms of transmutation syndrome. For more than a week, a surprising number of folks have been saying things like, “It’s because of the retrograde.” Somewhere along the line, someone heard that we had entered the shadow (or foreshadow) of the Mercury retrograde, so this could now be designated as the cause of all the incidents happening outside the box of their suddenly antiquated interpretations of life.

Apparently, it…

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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on July 9, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    People just seem to have a need to blame someone or something, especially when they’re not willing to clean up their own crap. And make compost! ❤ Eliza

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  2. Posted by R. O'Laughlin on July 9, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    So Very Timely – I have felt this energy all week

    Thanks for repost😎

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    • Yes, I cannot believe how crazy this past week has been for so many people. It’s wild, but for most people it seems to help if there’s some kind of context and knowing it’s not just them!



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