Archetypes & Imagination: 2017 Speaking Engagements

Reposting this for anyone in Washington, Oregon, the Bay Area and/or Prague. I’ve seen Becca’s fascinating talks on YouTube. This promises to be an interesting and soul enriching opportunity for anyone interested in astrology, Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine, Tolkien and Jung. Best of luck with your travels and talks, Becca!

Becca Tarnas

This year is turning out to be full of exciting opportunities for travel and speaking engagements. In two weeks’ time I will be going to the Northwest Astrology Conference in Washington state, and giving my first presentation at a regional astrology conference. The title and description of my talk is below:

Calling the Generations: Participating in Outer Planetary Alignments
During major outer-planetary cycles, entire generations are born carrying the archetypal signature of that time. When these same outer planets realign in new configurations there is an archetypal resonance between the generations born with those alignments and the needs of that time. Each planetary combination offers unique gifts, and in our current era of social, ecological, and spiritual crisis each may have its significant role to play in creating a life-enhancing future.

For those in the Bay Area who may be interested in this topic, I will be presenting a longer…

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