Travelling Back Home.~ Well Dressings~

Happy Beltane! I just had to share this lovely (and educational) post by Sue Dreamwalker, who grew up dancing the Maypole in a town that makes these delightful Well Dressings from flowers and clay. I grew up celebrating May Day without knowing why. I would gather violets– real or silk versions- dress them with green things in little green plastic strawberry baskets and sneak out to leave them on neighbors’ porches in the early morning hours of May 1st. I had no idea why, but I took this task very seriously. Decades later, I discovered Beltane, and some recent DNA testing confirms that all of this is quite literally “in my blood.”

In any case, I wish everyone a Happy Beltane (Happy Samhain down under), and I hope you enjoy Sue’s magical post as much as I did.

Blessed Be!

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Well Dressings 2016Please click the photo’s to enlarge.

I travelled back to the place I grew up last weekend. It brought back so many memories for me. Of a time when I was a young girl with no idea of where life would take me.

Each Sunday I would walk the 15 minutes  distance of the village from our home to walk up to the Chapel where we would go to Sunday School in the Methodist Chapel.  Often we would walk it twice a day on Sunday as we went to afternoon service and evenings on a special occasion, such as Easter or Harvest Festivals..

I  being the eldest of 5 siblings  would  lead my bother and 3 sisters by the hand as we would  Sing in the choir, often being the only choir some weeks. I often think we were made to go, just so as my Mother and Father could…

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