Edible Flowers

I just got a newsletter update from the Phoenix-based Agriscaping with Justin Rohner. We have snow on the ground here in Indiana, and I know much of the East Coast is undergoing “Snowmageddon.” Who doesn’t like flowers, though? If you live in a warmer climate zone, you can grow these now. If you’re shivering inside, you can start planning for spring or just enjoy the virtual blooms:

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  1. “Snowmageddon” … very amusing. The most recent ‘measure’ here in Southern New York is 33 inches from the wee hours Tuesday morning into this morning. Seemed to ‘chill out’ quite a bit. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this harbinger of Spring.

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    • You’re welcome! My mom actually told me her radio stations were calling it Snowmageddon, and my little Pisces nephew’s
      birthday gifts from us have been delayed “due to a weather emergency,” so I guess it’s a lot. We have hardly had a winter in the Midwest this year. Enjoy the snow and welcome slow down! xo and Love,



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