Edible Flowers

I just got a newsletter update from the Phoenix-based Agriscaping with Justin Rohner. We have snow on the ground here in Indiana, and I know much of the East Coast is undergoing “Snowmageddon.” Who doesn’t like flowers, though? If you live in a warmer climate zone, you can grow these now. If you’re shivering inside, you can start planning for spring or just enjoy the virtual blooms:

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  1. “Snowmageddon” … very amusing. The most recent ‘measure’ here in Southern New York is 33 inches from the wee hours Tuesday morning into this morning. Seemed to ‘chill out’ quite a bit. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this harbinger of Spring.

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  2. Reblogged this on Illuminations Now!!.


  3. You’re welcome! My mom actually told me her radio stations were calling it Snowmageddon, and my little Pisces nephew’s
    birthday gifts from us have been delayed “due to a weather emergency,” so I guess it’s a lot. We have hardly had a winter in the Midwest this year. Enjoy the snow and welcome slow down! xo and Love,


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