Oh Those NarciPaths – Shahida’s “20 Narci Tactics”

Thank you, Jamie and Shahida. I’m reblogging Jamie’s comments, which then link to Shahida’s excellent article. As Jamie notes, narcissism is majorly and absurdly in our faces right now from so many corners. Learning (and reminding ourselves) how to recognize the signs allows us to move much more freely in our own power and discernment, helping us to know for sure what we do or do not wish to create in the world — rather than just accepting some prescribed version of who we are and what we value. Hugely important right now for individuals and civilization as a whole!

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Eruption des Stromboli (Isolde Eolie, Italien). Photo by Wolfgang Beyer, GNU Free via Wikimedia Eruption des Stromboli (Isolde Eolie, Italien). Photo by Wolfgang Beyer, GNU Free via Wikimedia

I’d usually just reblog this one, but the reblog format is funky. So I’m just going to say this:

Shahida Arabi, via her Self-Care Haven blog, recently posted an excellent summary of 20 often-used Bully and NarciPath tactics.

I shared Shahida’sFive Ways Narcissists Get In Your Head” post some time ago, and mentioned her blog in my “Withholding as a Manipulation Tactic” post for the Empaths & Sensitives ‘readers favorite’ series (which spotlights other common tactics, like ‘leveling’, ‘off-loading’ and others as well).

The point isn’t to shame and blame — ’nuffa that going on — but to recognize the tactics and patterns so we can more easily step outside of them and respond rather than react from a place of awareness and greater resourcefulness.

That can be tall practice…

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  2. I think you might have meant to contact Jamie or Shahida, in which case, you’ll need to do so on their blogs or via their contact forms. I have other appointments this afternoon and nothing scheduled with you. Blessings, Laura


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