Shoulder and Back Pain Relief

I have mentioned “The Founder” or “Foundation Exercises” before, but I’m posting this TEDx again with Dr. Eric Goodman.

So many people keep contacting me about shoulder and/or back pain. Every injury or illness has a metaphysical component to it, so if symptoms or pain continue, then your soul wants your attention. Your body volunteered to get it. That said, chronic pain is no fun! In today’s sedentary culture, so many people spend hours hunched over a computer or desk, sitting in a car or train, and doing ergonomically questionable moves on a daily basis. If this sounds like you, check out this talk.

I personally have found the Founder so transformative in my own life. No more pinched nerves. No more popped out hip, neck or and knee. In the very rare event something like that happens, I just do the Founder and immediately realign. For me, it works much better and much faster than yoga, although I do love yoga for other reasons. We own the Foundation book and 2 DVD’s. It all seems simple, but whenever I break out the DVD’s I remember just what a good workout it is! Other than loving the exercises, I have no relationship with Dr. Eric Goodman or his company. Just sharing, since shoulder and back pain seems to be up right now!

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  1. Posted by Dawn Vierra on February 22, 2017 at 4:14 pm

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    For those that resonate. Thank you Laura

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  2. Posted by Cheryl on February 22, 2017 at 10:57 pm

    That was interesting, thanks! Going to work with this.

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  3. Thanks for this note Laura. I have had shoulder pain for a long time from using the mouse pad for hours a day and being right handed. I have had many treatments to help, chiropractic, acupuncture. scalar light, exercises, salves etc. Recently I bought an infrared lamp ($64) and after just 15 minutes my should pain stopped and has not come back! Not sure if I resolved the underlying issue or what, but life really got better with this lamp!

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  4. Posted by Mitch on February 23, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Laura you rooooockk! (Can you tell I’m from LA, hehe) I purchased The Foundation Training digital subscription and woooooooooow, just doing the basic Founder’s moves plus the decompression breathing is unlike anything I have done before, neither in yoga or workout stretching at the gym, completely unique, just after one session I can feel my back and hips aligned like they haven’t been in years, this is powerful mojo, I so look forward to practicing this daily and experiencing profound changes, just in time (synch!!!) as I’ve developed a nasty pinched nerve in the neck, shoulder he last few weeks, so grateful, thank you, thank you, huge hugs!!!!

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  5. Posted by laura on February 24, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    To the lady who bought the infrared lamp – where? Can you send me a link? I bought new pillows that were too fluffy and they through my neck out and now its hurting through my shoulder and down my arm. The chiro is working on it but its freaking me out that its taking so long to fix and be out of pain. Its going on 2 weeks now. Laura- how much would a reading cost to just find out what this /my soul is/ trying to tell me? This and my constant reoccurring bloody noses. It doesn’t bleed a lot normally but it still freaks me out!! I have been to an ENT numerous times and he cauterized everything in my nose he doesn’t really know what else to do. Did a scope nothing is structurally wrong. My bp is ok so its not that. Thinking its from post menopausal dry mucus membranes. But I would love to fix this issue and not have to keep dealing with and freaking out about it!! Unless it stops right away and its just a little bit of blood inside my nose I have a melt down. I get high anxiety and I go freezing cold and my body shivers all over. Seriously – I freak out and I cant help it. :/ Any thoughts? Ideas?
    Thank you,

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