Goji Dandelion Red Lentil Curry

This Faux Spring weather has me craving dandelion greens before they come up, so we (gasp!) bought some yesterday to make this yummy soup. Since I was looking up the recipe anyway, I thought I’d repost in case anyone else wants to enjoy this superfood rich soup.

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I haven’t posted any recipes in awhile, but this one was too tasty not to share!

As regular blog readers know, I’ve got a yard full of dandelions, and aside from harvesting the flowers for dandelion wine and dandelion jelly, I also gather dandelion leaves. Bags and bags of dandelion leaves! Sometimes I put them in green smoothies with frozen pineapple, banana and filtered water. Sometimes I steam them and just top with a hint of sea salt and freshly ground pepper. And sometimes I’ve been known to eat them wrapped around a slice of raw manchego. Tonight, I decided to make a dandelion soup.


Goji soup ingredients

I don’t measure when I prepare food, but here’s a guestimate:

Goji Dandelion Red Lentil Curry


1.5 cups dried red lentils
filtered water to cover the lentils
1 strip of kombu seaweed
1 clove of garlic, pressed

half bag of gathered dandelion greens

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Linette on February 6, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    That sounds yummy! Since Jason and I have begun our vegetarian journey (three weeks into it now!), I have been much more interested in cooking. Weird for me…I normally prefer whatever takes the very least amount of time possible.
    I have two questions: Can you leave out the dandelion greens, if you don’t have them without sacrificing taste? and, Where can I find kombu?

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    • Cooking is lots of fun — very creative, and to me it makes sense that with all these great cruelty free, high vibe ingredients you’d be enjoying the cooking process more.

      If you leave out the dandelion greens, I think it would be kind of a weird soup, since the dandelion greens are very bitter. This soup really has the 5-flavors things going on, so you would need to tweak it a lot to get a good balance. You could probably use beet greens instead of the dandelion, possibly chard, as well.

      As for Kombu, I know Whole Foods has it. I don’t think MCM does, but you could call there and Prairie Market to see if they have it or could order it for you. They carry Eden Foods products, so it shouldn’t be a difficult special order. I have also bought kombu flakes from Mountain Rose Herbs. Those are preshredded, so they blend in rather than giving you a honkin’ piece of seaweed in your soup.


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      • Posted by Linette on February 7, 2017 at 11:59 am

        Ok, I won’t try to make it without the greens 🙂 We have been trying to follow the 5 flavors idea, and it does make food so much more satisfying to eat. We find we eat a lot less and are much more satisfied. Neither of us is snacking as much as we used to, either.
        I know I am going to make a trip to Whole Foods soon, so I will look for the kombu there, as well as asking at Prairie Market. Next step is to start buying dry beans instead of canned and soaking and cooking them myself. I checked out a book called At Home in the Whole Foods Kitchen by Amy Chaplin and it has some delicious-sounding dishes based on beans that I want to try.
        Thank you for the informative reply, my dear! ❤

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  2. […] also have delightful violets (edible leaves and flowers) and even some dandelions. I recently made Goji Dandelion Red Lentil Curry again — so yummy! Compared to the original huge swaths of garlic mustard and dandelions, our […]



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