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Thanks to Cindy for this wonderful, Faery Tale Wisdom about today’s world, called 2016: Year of the Serpent. This link is well worth a read by anyone who enjoys and/or respects the power of Story to provide deep awakening and understanding, as well as by anyone upset or confused about things like Brexit, Donald Trump, or the increased vitriol that plagues contemporary Western society.

The above link may be enough for people who already feel led to remove themselves from the fray and get back to creating a more positive reality in the here and now, in both tangible and spiritual ways — sometimes quite literally from the ground up by starting gardens and planting fruit trees. If instead of trees, you find yourself firmly planted in one shouting and rioting camp or another, then the next links will help you shake loose of the Left/Right shackles so you can reclaim your own opinions beyond propaganda and reclaim your own agency beyond government, media or their corporate sponsors telling you what to believe.

Thanks to Bo for sending me one of Sane Progressive’s videos. Perhaps her youtube channel will bring some palatable good sense and a strong dose of truth to both sides in this increasingly polarized atmosphere, fomented by a war-loving media and its “fund both sides of every war” backers. If you cannot bring yourself even to consider that maybe, just possibly, people on what you think of as the “other” side have at least some valid points, then I hope “Sane Progressive” can get through to you. Here’s the link to her excellent channel.

People don’t seem to realize how easily Color Revolutions are begun and co-opted — and few people seem to ponder what happens if such violent, dehumanizing talk moves into Civil War. Those refugees people are arguing over? They’re fleeing Civil Wars begun by Color Revolutions, most of which began as genuine protests turned funded riots. If you think this only happens in Africa and the Middle East, then take a look at these before and after photos of Kiev. That war began with grandmothers.

Please recognize the humanity and consider the possible intelligence and real concerns of people with whom you disagree. Odds are you have much more in common with your neighbors and relatives than you realize. Divided we fall. Seek points of connection so that you can build real relationships to address actual solutions. The level of collective brainwashing in Western Society is beyond astounding, especially since 9/11. In this time of awakening, we’ll get a lot further by searching behind the smoke and mirrors than by trying to start wars with each other.

If you prefer not to look beyond the veil and instead focus on the world you do want to create, that’s fine. But please, please, please focus on the actual aspects and qualities of that preferred world rather than inviting and encouraging war. There’s a big difference between consciously empowered action and rioting (or calls for others to riot); between power to and power over; between tough love and projected rage/grief/denial; between individuals and group-think; between organic populist movements and the Bankers Manifesto of 1892. We live in a world where “corporations are people,” and yet so many good-hearted souls are fighting each other instead of creating alternatives to the corporations and governments rapaciously devouring our environment, bank accounts, relationships, and freedoms.

If you want a new world, don’t just demand it from someone else! Search yourself and find one small step you can take today to bring that new world into being. Just one, tiny action towards your preferred reality, towards the life that you would love to live. Now, do it! And continue taking steps until that preferred reality manifests. As Tolkien said, “Little by little one travels far.” You will find your true tribe by becoming yourself.


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  1. Posted by hocuspocus13 on January 31, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Please don’t ruin your blog by going political

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  2. so this goes along in mirror to your post…a very interesting veil of clouds has been here since yesterday morning and its reflective for sure! i posted this about it along with photos of the clouds and the volcanic sunset before they arrive, and the surreal almost neon sky while here last evening: wow, incredibly the cloud veil that began yesterday morning covering all of lake tahoe and the lower basin area still remains this morning without a budge. the only shift was mid day yesterday when it started to rise up a bit creating what looked like a perfect wall or screen…then it went back down. and all through the night last night, once the stars came out, the cloud veil was lit up without any light source, as if like star glow and cosmic phosphorescence was emanating from it. so mysterious! being way up here to witness it is amazing and creates like two worlds. it’s like the lake is incubating and morphing below that veil. also interesting that the deep waters are below the cloud coverage, as if asking one to look beyond all illusions and reach courageously into one’s depths to the core. truly nothing is as it seems…it’s not what you see on the surface. let’s find the strength and vulnerability to go within and understand the truth of what we’re being presented that gives rise to so much immediate reaction. let’s find our center so we can respond from a place of greater understanding and peace.

    also nearly everyone i know i’ve found to be divided and taking sides, others confused how to hold their energy that don’t want to be on either side and that see beyond both, and those taking stands with others to be a part of things…but what i haven’t seen is consistency with those desires for change carried through in life aside from moments of joining the group or getting triggered, as in fueling the energy in really effective ways or anyone out there providing constructive ideas and channels for people to fuel their rage and passions so it doesn’t turn into civil war or worse. so thank you for sharing this. all very interesting. and for myself, i am compelled to keep consistently firm in my position no matter what people think of me or not understanding the steps i’m taking because they don’t look like their idea of taking a stand.

    interesting also, someone liked a comment of mine on one of my fav posts of yours, which i may share, as it goes with this and even my post yesterday, and may help others who are in that middle place unsure of their own stand’s value because of the energies or attacks they receive from others. ❤

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  3. @hocuspocus13, I don’t see how this is “going political” when my entire point is to go beyond politics and find ways — physical, metaphysical, magical or otherwise — to bring things into being beyond politics:

    If you want a new world, don’t just demand it from someone else! Search yourself and find one small step you can take today to bring that new world into being. Just one, tiny action towards your preferred reality, towards the life that you would love to live. Now, do it! And continue taking steps until that preferred reality manifests. As Tolkien said, “Little by little one travels far.” You will find your true tribe by becoming yourself.

    What political party has that message? 🙂

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  4. Thank you, T! Always in sync, and yes, I agree, that veil of clouds is highly symbolic. I also this morning kept hearing “The Cloud of Unknowing,” which is the title of a Medieval Christian mystic text. Wikipedia summarizes the main gist this way:

    “The underlying message of this work suggests that the way to know God is to abandon consideration of God’s particular activities and attributes, and be courageous enough to surrender one’s mind and ego to the realm of ‘unknowing,’ at which point one may begin to glimpse the nature of God.”

    Given all the external focus on division among different religions and again, the provocations to war from BOTH sides, this seems like a wise time to step back, get quiet, clear the field of any and all interference, and reconnect with Spirit. When in doubt, choose peace. At least until you’re sure something is worth fighting for…

    Much love! ❤

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  5. Posted by Tracy Kruse on January 31, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    Simply to say I am right with you. We had an unusuallu warm week in Jan, so we planted 11 new trees and I began digging a new bed the entire length of the driveway for grasses, herbs and flowers. As to the rioting, the question I posed this morning to my hubs was this…How come I cannot find a nice black t-shirt, but all these nighttime protestors are all wearing what appears to be matching black pants, shoes, sweatshirts and even balaclavas! Who is selling these items? I didn’t see anything even close in our local stores. It is my belief/intuition that February is going to see some come to an understanding that they really don’t have to have constant emotional highs and lows, nor do they have to accept or allow ‘triggering’ to come in from outside sources. These days if I find myself feeling anything that is not calm and centered, I immediately take about 3 minutes of deep breaths, just paying attention to my senses to see if I can isolate where the call to drama is coming from, or where the emotional angst might be and then regain center, still breathing. My friend Carol used to say that it was times like these when every nerve felt like it was on the outside of her body. So too, it would seem that many people are Feeling heightened senses and acting out (forget any assessment of rationality, as it really doesn’t matter anyway) rather than really realizing that they are not so numb as to not notice the previous overwhelming chronic discomfort anymore. For those who feel like a swarm of bees has descended upon them, the rule beekeepers follow is Not to flail around too much and the bees will calm down and go away. We don’t want the newfound awareness to go away, but the constant, swarming buzzing could, if we let it.

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  6. Thank you, Tracy! Yes, wisdom from a beekeeper — stop flailing around so much, and the bees will calm down and go away. Or sting you. There is also medicine in the sting, but we can have less painful options if we choose to embrace them with calm awareness. From there, consciously chosen actions will have much more power anyway, as we can provide all of our energy towards the actions instead of splitting that energy with a reaction that might not even be our own. Thanks for your comment … loved the humor about the black clothing, too! And, of course, I love that you planted more trees. 🙂 ❤

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  8. Thanks Laura again for your measured posts. I read this with a good feeling that I had been able to do just that last month when the Women’s March was taking place. You wrote:
    “If you want a new world, don’t just demand it from someone else! Search yourself and find one small step you can take today to bring that new world into being. Just one, tiny action towards your preferred reality, towards the life that you would love to live. Now, do it! And continue taking steps until that preferred reality manifests. As Tolkien said, “Little by little one travels far.” You will find your true tribe by becoming yourself.”

    When I heard about the march, I had started to knit a “pussy hat” even though I was busy. As I was looking at the very quickly initiated web site and planned pattern for it, I kept thinking “Why does it have ears?” Most hats are cone shaped. This was a square folded over to make two ears in pink wool. Then I felt somewhat affronted by the name “Pussyhat” and thought about male associations with that word. Then the light bulb went off… OMG… it was a vagina on the head!!
    Then I researched how this movement had started as a so called “spontaneous uprising” and found it had been funded by none other than the arch/satanic/criminal behind the cabal, than G. Soros. He had paid for everything, buses to get people there, publicity and so forth to make it happen. Many say he has been behind many other popular protests, like the “Black Lives Matter” events etc. and of course he has been working had to get Trump very negative press. Did I want to be aligned with that? NO!

    I shared this with my girlfriend who also was feeling pressure from her groups to march, and we decided that we would not share in the hysteria and manipulation. We spent the time meditating on peace and love and both of us had profound revelations of positive effects from that. It felt very validating to be away from the mass hysteria.

    So I know very few of my female colleagues who were not wildly enthusiastic about this march, and I would not share this with them, for they did not want to see what I saw. I feel we listened to our own voices and did not follow the crowd. I know I did far more for our planet that day than anyone can estimate.

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  9. Posted by Kieron on February 1, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    @ Ruth: not for nothing is Soros known as Sorrows, or even more to the point, Saurus (lizard, reptile).

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  10. Thank you for putting this into the comments, Ruth! I smelled Soros from the start, so whenever people kept asking me if I was going to march, I was like, “No way!” With people challenging me on it, I ended up researching and finding the same information. I know several people who went anyway, but more who stayed home or went out in Nature.

    The really disturbing thing about Soros is that despite all the loud vitriol and funding of these op’s, Soros forgave an enormous loan to Trump, with no fanfare and no explanation:

    Given sicko Soros’ apparent love of destroying any kind of order or real loving connections, I do wonder what the heck is up with this loan forgiveness. I have never thought Trump was as he appeared, just as I never voted for Obama. I recognized him as a fraud being groomed for office back in 2004 when I saw the media fawning all over this “young, new Senator. Could he be the next President?” Blah, blah, it was so obvious that I don’t know how no one else caught on. Then again, I don’t usually watch TV. I was in a hotel and my then-husband had on the Convention. These dogs are all owned by someone … but that someone might be Soros even in the case of Trump. In any case, it makes me even warier of the vitriol on both sides, and I have stepped up my Runes and meditation practice big time.


  11. Here’s another twist on Soros, too … his connection with Trump:


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