November 2016 Specials

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through November, but here we are, only six weeks away from the end of 2016. This month’s specials offer support for anyone feeling sick in their body or soul, hoping to make big shifts before the end of the year, or anyone who craves deeper personal meaning as we approach the holidays. Many blessings, and thank you for allowing me to join you on your journey!

Laura Bruno's Blog

November always feels like a good time to offer support for the soul, so this month’s offerings reflect this energy of tending our inside in the midst of holidays, election results, worldly demands, and whatever those mean for each person.

Sacred Soul Session

This half hour session helps you to reclaim and nurture a sense of the sacred in ways that foster your soul’s deepest longings. For some people, this might be a look into your soul’s reason for showing up at this time and place — the perennial “Why am I here?” topic. For others, it might offer a uniquely designed ceremony to release a past grief or regret. It might offer a list of resources specifically tailored to you at this point on your path. For some people, it might mean helping you to utilize skills you already have in new ways that deepen your experience. For still…

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