Great Mother Rising…Ignoring the Tyranny!

A beautiful respite from systemic insanity! I, too, spent time in the garden on this unseasonably warm November 2. The beauty, abundance and cycles remind us to slow down and get back in touch with what is real. A thunderstorm outside is cleansing and electrifying the air right now. Blessings to you wherever you are…

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland


I made a video today.

I had every intention of talking on several issues, but found myself almost mute as I walked the woodland.

A strange kind of afternoon, for there seemed to be little birdsong too.

dsc04521Silence appeared to be universal.

This often happens after Samhain…though I know not why.

dsc04522For my part I’m inclined to go with the flow and whatever the Cosmos is channelling.

dsc04525There appears to be a ramp-up to conflict towards war happening in the world of Man…deliberate and dark.

dsc04528It grieves me.

The elements of abusive and hate-filled Patriarchy, that has fuelled fear, horror and utter chaos for over two thousand years, are eagerly moving towards one last onslaught.

dsc04538There is so much hate it is almost possible to taste it on the air!

dsc04529Politicians and religious leaders are doing their utmost to hold back the tide of change, issuing decrees and telling falsehoods…

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  1. your place is beautiful/

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  2. What a beautiful share and magical find… Thank you for sharing Laura. xxx

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