The landscapes we are

A beautiful post by Dr. Sharon Blackie … and it goes right along with today’s earlier post about restoring landscapes and bringing forth the inner vision. We are changed by the land as much as the land changes with us.

The Art of Enchantment

We think of ourselves as in landscape, but sometimes forget that landscape is also in us. We are all landscapes, and the landscapes we are can change. Perhaps because we move to a new place, and the characteristics of that place begin slowly to seep into us. Or they might change because we focus in on a different aspect of the landscape in which we remain. If we allow ourselves to truly be in our places, to close our eyes and let ourselves fall, tumbling down into the dreaming of the land we inhabit, then that land will always live inside us, just as we live inside it. We will come to embody it, and it will embody us. Who then will be able to say where the land ends and we begin?

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  1. Beautiful, Laura. Thank you for sharing this (and the photo in itself is just gorgeous!). xo Love, Jamie

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  2. Thanks and love, Jamie! I agree about the photo! xo


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