Late Summer in the Garden

The days are getting shorter, and the light has softened, dipping slightly lower in the sky. The blooms of summer have subtly shifted into more of an autumn palette — still bright and yet somehow tinged with more golds, reds and brownish pinks. Here are some photos from today and yesterday.

Zinnias begin to come into their glory as we move into Autumn:


The first of several green striped cushaw squash made an appearance, alongside some marigolds and at least two more winter squash buddies. These cushaw squash grow to the size of toddlers with almost zero effort:

Green striped cushaw

Garlic chives bloom at this time of year instead of in spring like their purple cousins. Here you can see this popular insect spot, alongside purple leaf shiso (great in a hazelnut pesto!), eggplant, tomatoes, parsley, bush basil, zinnias, and cosmos.

garlic chives and shiso

The sweet potatoes in the Haus Am See trough are getting ready to bloom alongside lettuce, purple cabbage and zinnias, and some of the perennials are finally starting to take root. The trough further back currently has another white scallop squash plant, lettuce, cosmos and calendula, but I recently seeded it with cold hardy Lucullus chard and giant winter spinach. Once those come in, the squash might go. I can’t keep up with the single one I have growing out back — not sure why I planted a second! The sunflowers all over the yard continue to attract dozens of goldfinches, bees, and silly squirrels and chipmunks who climb the stems.

blue house troughs

Blackeyed Susan’s really shine at this time of year:

black eyed Susan's

… and sedum has begun its shift from white to pink to deep reddish brown:

misty sedum

I will leave you with yesterday’s bouquet speedily put together between thunderstorms and carefully delivered to David’s mom. As I stretch the seasons of bloom, I believe she’s up to about 35 weekly bouquets per year — not bad for a former wasteland in zone 5b, but I am determined to do even better!

late August bouquet

Blessed Be … and be the blessing.

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  1. lovely! we were just noting the shorter days and softening light on our walk in our new park last night (even being as north as we are), including it sensing like an early and colder winter may be upon us this year..i’ve seen chipmunks hiding their acorns and run-ins with lots of bears…i feel a hibernation coming on early to hunker down.

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  2. And aren’t we glad the planet is tilted?

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  3. I am really enjoying the beauty of your garden Laura. The colors are so cheery and can lift spirits whenever needed. I have felt fall close by over the last week or so. I keep feeling like we will get an early fall, which will be so nice after having such an early and very hot summer. Love the joy and beauty you spread with your shares and flowers. hugs and much love. Dawn

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    • Thanks so much, Dawn! My mom said the same thing yesterday when I sent her a photo of the bouquet. I wish my own mom was close enough to get weekly bouquets, but she at least gets photos of weekly bouquets! Hugs and lots of love, Laura

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  4. Posted by Cindy W on August 30, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    must be a copycat – I have lovely zinnias, black-eyed Susans, and cosmos too, though get my squash from local farmers market. (and have a Solanaceae area, with nightshade, a stray potato from 2 years ago, lots of morning glories, and wild Datura blossoms) The flowers do give great joy – some nights or mornings, I just stand betw raised beds and drink in the gift of their presence!

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