The Quiet Strength within the Loud Storm ~ Lee Harris Energy Update

Excellent tips from Lee Harris, with a nice summary from Tania Marie. Thank you both! There’s so much happening right now, it’s difficult to keep up, so we are wise to continue checking back in with our own centered place, releasing layers as needed — whether from our own lives or observing others engaged in a rapid shedding of outworn modes of being. Blessings, courage and love to everyone in these turbulent times. ❤

Tania Marie

I think this energy update from Lee Harris will ring in for some of you. I definitely am experiencing the rapid transformation he speaks about, along with the recalibration being in full effect for sure. I’ve also experienced a retrieval of a new depth of inner strength by pulling within and that’s come with the shedding of more layers and facing shadow forces at work in very dramatic ways. It’s taken a lot out of me recently to continue holding my personal frequency amidst everything, but hold I am and figuring out ways to nurture my needs along the way to keep strong and vibrant.

Lee also provides some key points that are addressed in the video, along with some self care tips:

* August will have a Quiet Intensity – you will be most balanced and find an inner strength if you find ways to pull back from the outer…

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  1. Wise words indeed – my daughter and I both definitely feeling the turbulence so Lee’s advice (and your’s and Tania’s) all most welcome xx

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    • Yes, it’s wild! I am debating whether or not to post some of the things that have been happening with my portal doors, including last night. Very strange times, indeed! xx



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