Big Love and Hard Places

I have noticed this dynamic so often in my life and was commenting on this very theme to David last week. The times in my life of greatest restriction — my extremely isolating brain injury, the nine months post divorce spent in my Hyde Park (Chicago) ninth floor tower apartment with just me, my growing collection of painted portal doors and Lake Michigan, and most recently, this complete hermit mode in Goshen, a kind of voluntary house arrest in which I rarely leave the two houses or gardens due to the vibrational shock and hangover that arises unless when I leave the properties I completely leave town — each of these times has resulted in the most intense and delightful esoteric study and practice.

I cannot imagine my life without these rich periods of simultaneous restriction and expansion. The expansion clearly arises as a direct result of the restriction — a narrow portal to the Otherworld not unlike Odin hanging on the wind and storm swept tree only to discover the secrets of the Runes from his upside down position and altered state. Once he grasped them, he hopped down and claimed them as his own.

If you find yourself in a kind of Saturnine and Neptunian initiation, take heart as you Break on Through (to the Other Side): the water’s fresh and free!

Thank you, Jamie! ❤️

Sophia's Children

A Tree Grows From Rock, Wittenoom Gorge, Australia. Image courtesy of Public Domain Images. A Tree Grows From Rock, Wittenoom Gorge, Australia. Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.

You’ve probably had those moments or passages — the ones where you feel like someone or something has suddenly put shrink-wrap or a straitjacket on your life (and in your mind), making it hard to breathe and offering what seemed little ‘wiggle room’?

It occurred to me very recently, as I was immersed yet again in one of those ‘shrink-wrap’ or ‘between a rock and a hard place’ moments, that there is a very real practicality to what we call ‘spiritual practices’ (whether we practice them within or outside of a particular tradition).

Sound familiar?

While it’s actually very intuitive and sensible, in ‘dominant thinking’ of our culture this would seem counter-intuitive or ‘woo woo’.

In astrological language, this would be the essence and qualities of experience linked withNeptune (Expansiveness and Big Love) and Saturn

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  1. Posted by Kieron on August 4, 2016 at 11:20 am

    Yup, I can relate. After 29 years of increasingly restricted hearing courtesy of Saturn, I had no more room to maneuver and took the Plutonian plunge into an Underworld all my own. I came out the other side far more rich in strength, and compassion for those toiling in the dark all their lives. It was a tight space that shaved off some metaphorical skin, but I made it.

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  2. Wow, Kieron, sounds like its own powerful journey!


  3. What’s funny is the preponderance of 9’s during my hermit times: 9 months, 9th floor, 9th St., Odin hangs for 9 days on the tree; I’m currently in a 9 year, and of course, the number of the hermit in Tarot is 9. Anyway, I slice it, these inward times are potent and magickal!


  4. Posted by Barbara on August 4, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    I definitely ‘hear’ you on this one, Jamie and Laurie. My experience has been that what makes me contract is noise where I’m living. Three times at three very different residences, the noise has been so much, I’ve had to stay inside and keep windows closed, investigate the problems, plead to have them resolved, etc. etc. Then after weeks of noise increasing and increasing, suddenly I’m presented with an opportunity to move from where I’m living. Ah, expansion! Interestingly, though not so pleasant, I’m in another of my ‘noisy, contracting stages’. Good! An expansion very, very soon! Yay!

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  5. I hear you, too, on the noise. The “quiet zone” funding for getting road blocks for the train intersections mysteriously went through within a month of us moving here in December 2012. No one could believe how that happened, but I know. Cosmic hissy fit at just how obnoxious the train whistles are! OMG, unbelievable. It is better but not good yet. The law dose not go into effect until 2017, but our intersection near us was first to get blocked off, which dramatically reduced truck traffic.

    When life forces you to hunker down and learn magical skills — use ’em! LOL, people in town have confronted me about this, realizing the connection between us moving here and this impossible three tiered funding all coming through at once out of the blue. Cosmic hissy fits, Saturn and Neptune can be your friend. And in the meantime, earplugs and white noise machines help. I throw Reiki on the trains, knowing they go across the country and carry cars that go around the world. Noise pollution, though, uggh! I sympathize!


  6. Posted by Barbara on August 4, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    Wow, Laura, how did you know?! It’s trains. I’ve lived where I am for 9 (!) years and only in the last few months have the trains at a crossing quite close taken to stopping to change crews, three times a week in the very early morning hours. That diesel engine noise hurts like a son of a gun. And yes, white noise, ear plugs, done it all, and the writing, talking to the so-called authorities, etc, etc.. And now kitty corner, I’ve got an outdoor patio pub about to open unless I can stop it by attending public meetings, writing letters to authorities, filling out forms…. Oh, arghh. Cosmic hissy fit indeed, that is what I will have, thank you! While at the same time, I’m also looking out for that ever wonderful expansion sure to come! A cosmic/comic response, I hope. Love, A.

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  7. I keep joking that just when this neighborhood gets supremely livable, we will move. It’s not a joke. I really feel like Goshen is my tithe for having lived in such glorious, gorgeous places for so many years. It’s my place to give back in all ways on all levels … and then I will go back to my more regularly scheduled programming of choosing locations by their delicious food and their beauty, not necessarily in that order. 🙂 Good luck! ❤


  8. Posted by Barbara on August 5, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    Thank you, Laura. No coincidence that I should read this article today. Oh, how I ‘feel’ the quiet. Love, B.

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