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Garden and Other Updates

What a delightful, intense, tasty and adventurous few weeks we’ve had! Here’s a little photo update of the garden and life this past little while.

Highlights include a visit from my sister and nephews en route to Evanston, IL to visit my brother and sister-in-law and take in a soccer game and Chicago’s sights and Fourth of July fireworks. Erica and the boys stopped here for a few hours for their first time tour of Faery Hof, Haus Am See, and the gardens. I harvested loads of veggies and herbs for “Uncle Craig,” and we all picked raspberries and drank homemade chocolate mint tea. It was a lovely visit, followed by an evening with David’s sister, who was also in town. That week featured our first tomatoes of 2016 and a red white and blue bouquet for David’s mom:

David and I have spent the past three Saturday’s in Michigan — at Silver Beach, St. Joseph’s, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. These locations are one to two hours and a zillion miles away from Northern Indiana. We’ve feasted on Mediterranean and Ethiopian food, ate at a fair wage vegetarian diner, toured multiple farmers markets, metaphysical bookstores, hiked nature trails, strolled along rivers, viewed green walls and city wide murals, walked with our feet in my beloved Lake Michigan and more. “Kids in candy shop” doesn’t even begin to describe our relief to learn such places exist near here. Ultimately, it would be nice just to live in a much more harmonious location, but while we continue to tie up loose ends in Goshen, it’s nice to know we can spend an hour or two in the car and find fab international food, music, nature preserves, and kindred spirits.

My sweet faery twin, Tania Marie, is never far from my heart or phone. As usual, we’ve been on very different yet synchronized adventures. This past Saturday, we even drove behind a facsimile of her “Magick Bus” just as she and I were texting about our intended next phases. We’ve been planning a visit with her Dave and my David at the end of October, which will feature fun in Michigan locales and restaurants:

Magick bus

The prior weekend, we also took a long delayed trip to South Bend to visit our Buddhist/Druid/poet friend Tim, who introduced us to a magickal tree along the river. His tree, in turn (or perhaps the faeries who live in his tree), introduced me to a five to seven tree grove. It was a total power point, and we each received activations in this five tree grove that features two twin trees, and thus carries both five and magical seven energy. David and Tim both felt the temperature change at the spot I indicated. I got drunk on the energy — a joyful and exuberant gift from deep within Gaia’s realm. Here’s Tim’s tree, who acts as Guardian of the Grove:

Magical tree in South Bend

Meanwhile, back at Faery Hof and Haus Am See, the flowers, trees and faeries are making their own magick:

morning gloriesblue bedFront yard early July 2016frontblue bed and giant sunflower

Note the nearly ten foot sunflower — part of the Squirrel Exchange Program. Those little rascals dig up so much of our yard, but they do occasionally plant fancy tulips and giant sunflowers I’ve secretly wanted but neglected to purchase. The garden also provides even through seeming mishaps. Below you can see some coreopsis that wouldn’t fit in David’s mom’s bouquet, along with a branch of the pear tree that got too heavy to bear its fruit. I’ll be making some kind of baked unripe pear dish, and the gorgeous wood of this branch will make a wonderful new magick wand:

Pears, wand and codonopsis

In a world of all possibilities, regardless where we currently reside, this embroidery David found before we moved here says it all, with real live cosmos, too:


Blessed Be

… and continue to be the blessing!


Mars: Power, Purpose and Shadow-Stuff

Jamie’s on a roll with this Mars series! Big time resonance in my own life and in that of friends and clients. With so much vying for our attention these days, what higher purpose calls to us, and how can we use that sense of mission to reclaim and redirect our attention and the subsequent flow of energy? If you feel uninspired or like “Enough is enough,” maybe the current version of you has finished its useful existence. Maybe –just maybe??! — the current versions of all world systems are all washed up. Now is the time to discern and summon what we long to replace them with. Huge opportunities will swim near those of us perched like herons ready to catch our fish. Druids used to stand like herons to increase their vision, concentration and manifestation. Fish are shoaling and schooling as I type. Thanks and love, Jamie!

Sophia's Children

The Keeper of the Threshold, by Elihu Vedder. PD-US via WIkimedia. The Keeper of the Threshold, by Elihu Vedder. PD-US via WIkimedia.

I wrote recently about Mars coming out of its retrograde, cave time, and vision quest (June 29).

With Mars in the archetypal Scorpion-or-Phoenix zone just the now, additional key shadow possibilities include the hoarding-witholding typical of the Taurus-Scorpio shadow.

With Scorpio, it’s about power,and whether it’s used for good or for ill; for creative transformational purposes or for epic snark and rather nasty scorpion bites.

The Mars Issue is deeper than that, though; it’s an important archetype to look at, exactly because it’s about life-force, energy, and power, as well as the way the Masculine is focused (or not) and expressed.

In archetypal and mythic astrology, Mars requires a worthy purpose,a gallant quest, a worthy lover in order to be best focused as life-force in action.

Often, it’s co-opted (power given away or stolen through ensorcelment…

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Sustainable Living in a Rental House: Options, Ideas, and More

Here’s another excellent and timely post from Dana. In addition to the things she’s mentioned, I would add that I love our SunOven and my WonderOven (kind of similar in idea to the hay box). Our rental yard is now unbelievably planted and productive, but back in Madison, we had the same light issue and had quite the container garden to augment our little strip of garden.

I’ve also realized that whenever David and I do move to a much, much more compatible area for us, I will take all this knowledge I’ve learned here and tailor it to a smaller scale of highly productive favorites that fit the new site. I love my garden. Besides David, it’s literally my best friend in Goshen and what keeps me sane in Northern Indiana; however, living in a place with vegan restaurants, more compatible people, and natural beauty besides that which I’ve planted myself, I won’t want to spend so much time in the yard.

As Gurumukh says, “We must start wherever we are, because if you don’t start somewhere, then you’ll be nowhere.” Live and learn, adapt and thrive. Determining what’s most doable for you in your own situation is key.

The Druid's Garden

As a follow-up post to last week’s discussion of how anyone, anywhere can live a sustainable life , I wanted to share some of the sustainable living things that I am doing here while I’m renting a small house (with terrible solar gain, lol) in a small town in Western Pennsylvania. Through this, I hope to demonstrate that even if you aren’t living the free range fantasy, there is a lot you can do, both in your own life, and for the greater good in your community. I hope that this post inspires you to share your own ideas!

1.  The Walking Lifestyle.

Some friends along the streets of my town :) Some friends along the streets of my town 🙂

One of the primary lifestyle shifts I made was moving to a place where I could walk to work (hopefully permanently, but we’ll see where life takes me). I think this one shift is so huge, for…

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July 2016 Specials


Intuitive Preparedness Check-In

This is a return of a popular 2014 special, which I feel called to highlight again now due to so many people asking me about Brexit, potential US election chaos, gardening questions, and especially with so many people suddenly (since July 1) sensing new openings and opportunities that once seemed very far away. People want to know how to maintain an positive, proactive vibration and how to thrive while also shoring up any weak spots. This special responds to many comments, questions and private emails requesting my take on the question “What can I do right now?” — for specific individuals, rather than general guidelines and suggestions.

This hour session gives you access to my own intuitive scan of what areas of focus will provide you the greatest payback and sense of abundance, peace and security, with the least amount of resistance. Those looking to make larger lifestyle shifts can ask me to scan various lifestyle, location and/or community options to see which ones fit best with your vibration and heart’s desires. You can also use our time together to discuss energetic/magickal protection and manifestation tools and techniques, along with troubleshooting your most pressing concerns in various areas of life, including finances, food security, faith/spirituality/soul nurturing, relationships and/or land, including “garden guidance.”

I feel so strongly about helping people take steps from fear, denial and overwhelm into abundance, joy and freedom, that I’m keeping this pricing a simple $123. As Tolkien said, “Little by little, one travels far.”

Please contact me if you’d like to sign up for this special. Offer valid if prepaid on or before July 31, 2016.


$333 Intuitive Coaching Three-Pack

With regular intuitive or life coaching sessions running $175/hour, this special offers major savings at $333/three hours. I’ve found that even people who normally process things on their own feel challenged by the increased intensity and “sorting” of the Universe these days. As we continue with Earth changes, internal and galactic shifts, I feel called to offer a short burst of support to those in need. These sessions can be used close together or saved for a future need. You can use them in hour or half-hour segments. The entire package can be gifted to someone else, but (for simplicity of paperwork) these three-packs cannot be divided and shared among multiple individuals. Offer valid if prepaid on or before July 31, 2016. To schedule your first session or purchase the package, please contact me here.

There Is No Shame In Expressing Feelings

An important share from Tania Marie. Also, as I have said many times before, feelings are raw energy. Learning to move through the feelings and to work with them ultimately makes us stronger, more effective, more authentic and even enhances magic and manifestation.

Having known and walked with Tania when Nestor passed and also during Joy’s transition, I can validate how far she’s come with the integration of feelings, but as she said, it’s ALL part of who she has become and is becoming … as is so true for all of us.

I also highly, highly recommend the book, “Upside: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth,” which shares story after story of how many people who suffer trauma and loss oddly enough end up living happier, more deeply fulfilled lives than they led before. The people who exhibit the greatest growth turn out to be the ones who most starkly face what they have lost or experienced. Again and again, consciousness and heartfelt determination to find the blessings result in exponential blessings. When we hide from the feelings or suppress them, we end up with the much less common but more talked about PTSD. There is another way, and they are not mutually exclusive. All in good time …

Tania Marie

There is nothing wrong with feelings and expressing all of your emotions. I don’t hide from sharing all sides of myself that move through me like a dance because they are temporary and do not define me. I have learned, and we all can, to navigate feelings and it’s a beautifully empowered experience, which is also why I’m doing incredibly well and feel so harmonious after the recent challenges I’ve gone through that in the past were debilitating.

This is why I have been so transparent and shared my recent video about Joy’s transition as a way to support others in surrendering to the beauty of feelings and to know that you can return to peaceful center once you allow that to happen and don’t get stuck in ego judgments, but rather, learn to express the personal without attachment, while embodying the bigger picture that balances.

We are not meant…

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