Spiritual Practices to Finding Equilibrium in the Chaos: Grounding, and Flow through the Druid Elements

Here are some excellent coping strategies and awareness for all the crazy energies being reflected on the world stage right now. As always, Dana provides detailed instructions and wisdom. Many thanks!

The Druid's Garden

A tremendous amount of really difficult occurrences are happening in the world right now. It seems like the more time that passes, the more we balance on the edge. The edge of what exactly, nobody can say.  But the edge of something, and likely, not something any of us are looking forward to. Things seem to be spinning faster, and faster; the light growing darker and darker.  A lot of folks are having difficulty just coping with reading the news or even being on social media, the enormity of everything–social, political, environmental, personal–weighing down.  Responses to this range from rage and anger to numbness. There is a heaviness in the air that cannot be discounted.

A good place to seek the stability of calas A good place to seek the stability of calas

And so, many of us turn to spiritual practices as a way of helping make sense of it all, to find a way forward, finding a…

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful advice. I love the idea of burying my feet in the earth for a while. On a (rare) warm summer’s day like we are having today here in Scotland, I’m going to try that 🙂

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  2. Posted by PeaceNowFlower on July 25, 2016 at 12:14 am

    Would you be interested in following a young witch living in the Bible Belt, Persephone Rose? She is still in the beginning of Blogging, that starting out time when you have few followers. I will post this to your friend Tania too.

    Her site is:

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  3. This is very timely to be sure, Laura. Thanks for sharing it. Lots being stirred up in the ‘psycho-sphere’, so tending to the grounding and our energy field is wise guidance. xo Love, Jamie

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    • Yes, it felt like an important share for many. I have been in such hermit mode that it’s just all garden, magic, new Starhawk novel, and sessions all the time, which seems like a completely alternate universe whenever I happen to peek at online news or others’ blogs. Apparently, I’m in 9 hermit mode on all levels right now, so might as well roll with it. xo and love … Laura



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