Mars: Power, Purpose and Shadow-Stuff

Jamie’s on a roll with this Mars series! Big time resonance in my own life and in that of friends and clients. With so much vying for our attention these days, what higher purpose calls to us, and how can we use that sense of mission to reclaim and redirect our attention and the subsequent flow of energy? If you feel uninspired or like “Enough is enough,” maybe the current version of you has finished its useful existence. Maybe –just maybe??! — the current versions of all world systems are all washed up. Now is the time to discern and summon what we long to replace them with. Huge opportunities will swim near those of us perched like herons ready to catch our fish. Druids used to stand like herons to increase their vision, concentration and manifestation. Fish are shoaling and schooling as I type. Thanks and love, Jamie!

Sophia's Children

The Keeper of the Threshold, by Elihu Vedder. PD-US via WIkimedia. The Keeper of the Threshold, by Elihu Vedder. PD-US via WIkimedia.

I wrote recently about Mars coming out of its retrograde, cave time, and vision quest (June 29).

With Mars in the archetypal Scorpion-or-Phoenix zone just the now, additional key shadow possibilities include the hoarding-witholding typical of the Taurus-Scorpio shadow.

With Scorpio, it’s about power,and whether it’s used for good or for ill; for creative transformational purposes or for epic snark and rather nasty scorpion bites.

The Mars Issue is deeper than that, though; it’s an important archetype to look at, exactly because it’s about life-force, energy, and power, as well as the way the Masculine is focused (or not) and expressed.

In archetypal and mythic astrology, Mars requires a worthy purpose,a gallant quest, a worthy lover in order to be best focused as life-force in action.

Often, it’s co-opted (power given away or stolen through ensorcelment…

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  1. So resonating with Jamie’s article and your comments. “The current version of you has finished its useful existence” is absolutely the theme of my life at the moment so huge gratitude for the confirmation and support that others are feeling it too! Here in the UK we are seeing it on a national level – the emperor with no clothes scenario comes to mind with the all our skeletons being laid bare as we go through our Brexit experience – but also keeping focused on my own journey and what my next steps might look like. I too can perch like a heron 🙂

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