Sustainable Living in a Rental House: Options, Ideas, and More

Here’s another excellent and timely post from Dana. In addition to the things she’s mentioned, I would add that I love our SunOven and my WonderOven (kind of similar in idea to the hay box). Our rental yard is now unbelievably planted and productive, but back in Madison, we had the same light issue and had quite the container garden to augment our little strip of garden.

I’ve also realized that whenever David and I do move to a much, much more compatible area for us, I will take all this knowledge I’ve learned here and tailor it to a smaller scale of highly productive favorites that fit the new site. I love my garden. Besides David, it’s literally my best friend in Goshen and what keeps me sane in Northern Indiana; however, living in a place with vegan restaurants, more compatible people, and natural beauty besides that which I’ve planted myself, I won’t want to spend so much time in the yard.

As Gurumukh says, “We must start wherever we are, because if you don’t start somewhere, then you’ll be nowhere.” Live and learn, adapt and thrive. Determining what’s most doable for you in your own situation is key.

The Druid's Garden

As a follow-up post to last week’s discussion of how anyone, anywhere can live a sustainable life , I wanted to share some of the sustainable living things that I am doing here while I’m renting a small house (with terrible solar gain, lol) in a small town in Western Pennsylvania. Through this, I hope to demonstrate that even if you aren’t living the free range fantasy, there is a lot you can do, both in your own life, and for the greater good in your community. I hope that this post inspires you to share your own ideas!

1.  The Walking Lifestyle.

Some friends along the streets of my town :) Some friends along the streets of my town 🙂

One of the primary lifestyle shifts I made was moving to a place where I could walk to work (hopefully permanently, but we’ll see where life takes me). I think this one shift is so huge, for…

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