There Is No Shame In Expressing Feelings

An important share from Tania Marie. Also, as I have said many times before, feelings are raw energy. Learning to move through the feelings and to work with them ultimately makes us stronger, more effective, more authentic and even enhances magic and manifestation.

Having known and walked with Tania when Nestor passed and also during Joy’s transition, I can validate how far she’s come with the integration of feelings, but as she said, it’s ALL part of who she has become and is becoming … as is so true for all of us.

I also highly, highly recommend the book, “Upside: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth,” which shares story after story of how many people who suffer trauma and loss oddly enough end up living happier, more deeply fulfilled lives than they led before. The people who exhibit the greatest growth turn out to be the ones who most starkly face what they have lost or experienced. Again and again, consciousness and heartfelt determination to find the blessings result in exponential blessings. When we hide from the feelings or suppress them, we end up with the much less common but more talked about PTSD. There is another way, and they are not mutually exclusive. All in good time …

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There is nothing wrong with feelings and expressing all of your emotions. I don’t hide from sharing all sides of myself that move through me like a dance because they are temporary and do not define me. I have learned, and we all can, to navigate feelings and it’s a beautifully empowered experience, which is also why I’m doing incredibly well and feel so harmonious after the recent challenges I’ve gone through that in the past were debilitating.

This is why I have been so transparent and shared my recent video about Joy’s transition as a way to support others in surrendering to the beauty of feelings and to know that you can return to peaceful center once you allow that to happen and don’t get stuck in ego judgments, but rather, learn to express the personal without attachment, while embodying the bigger picture that balances.

We are not meant…

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  1. thank you for reflecting the exponential growth that i’ve experienced, assisted by nestor, joy, and gaia too:) and thank you for being there to support me through some of the most challenging of times in my life. i hope others will read the book you shared, as it sounds powerful and directly reflects my own experience of all of this. this is the true alchemy!! i love you❤


  2. You’re welcome. I love you, too! And yes, Gaia…we can’t forget sweet Gaia. ❤️

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  3. Another theme we’re catching from the energy stream. Thanks for sharing this, Laura, and Tanya as well. I’ve heard the keywords ‘vulnerability’ etc. — as in the power and strength in vulnerability — coming up quite a bit in recent days, so this is timely. Big love, Jamie

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  4. p.s. just realized I wrote Tanya rather than Tania Marie, so here’s the correction!

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  5. Posted by seattle72 on July 1, 2016 at 6:51 pm

    I really appreciate Tania’s bold move to share her retelling of events leading up to Joy’s transition. For those of us who didn’t have healthy emotional role models growing up (98% of us perhaps), her video really taught me, and my child parts, something about safe and grounded emotional expression. One can emote, and should emote and one can do so without being destructive. We may know this intellectually, but something about watching this healthy emoting, in real time, spoke to me on many other levels.

    It really is time to let the Shame around emoting go. Its a very difficult prison to endure.

    Thank you Laura and Tania. Many many blessings to you both, and of course to Nestor, Joy and Cosmo. ❤

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  6. no worries jamie! thanks for the correction though 🙂 and yes, totally agree…i have felt the theme of vulnerability AND transparency big time in the etheric field and collective web. they are some of the guiding forces in my life and life’s work right now for sure ❤


  7. Thanks, Jamie, and I also have to say that today is really showing some of that energetic shift! Phew! May the second half of 2016 be smoother sailing than the first half. 🙂 Much love! Laura


  8. You’re welcome, Seattle72! So glad this was helpful and provided a good model of healthy emoting. Love and continued blessings to you! ❤️


  9. i’m so glad that it was supportive for you Seattle72…thank you for sharing your experiences through listening to my video and how it integrated for you. just beautiful and reiterates the nudge i had felt to vulnerably be transparent with it. so thank you for that reflection. we are all connected and it’s such a gift we can help and inspire one another by our own experiences and examples. here’s to our continued journeys with loving expression free of shame. so much love to you ❤


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