Interview with Lyme Disease Survivor, Stylist and Blogger Catherine Grace O’Connell

I wanted to reblog this inspiring interview with an exciting update. It seems that Arianna Huffington read Catherine’s interview and loved it — personally getting back to her. I’m happy to report that Catherine will now be writing for the Huff Post! Her blog also officially launched this week: . She’ll soon be partnering with someone and offering podcasts and webinars helping people recover from PTSD and severe trauma. Kudos to Catherine! This is a must read article for any of those people asking me if I really do know of success stories moving beyond the devastation of Lyme Disease. Yes, I do, but they are usually confidential. Thank you to Catherine Grace O’Connell for courageously living and sharing her story with the world! Much love and respect … you’ve earned it, Sweetheart!!!

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Today’s post originally appeared on Sprout Art: Interviews with Creative People. When Catherine shared the link with me, I asked for and received permission to post the entire interview here to raise awareness with so many others dealing with Lyme Disease and other debilitating physical or emotional challenges. [Please note, this post shares the updated 5/20/2016 version of this interview.]

Catherine Grace O’Connell is an inspiration and one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. I can vouch for the severity of her struggles with Lyme Disease and the intensity of her journey. She has walked through the fire, the eye of the needle, and the Dark Night of the Soul, not only surviving to tell the tale, but shining and inspiring others.

I’m so pleased to be able to share this interview with my readers, because so many Chronic Lyme clients ask me if I know…

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  1. […] Design Certificate also opened space for me to begin a long anticipated book project with Catherine Grace O’Connell. We’re co-authoring a book on recovering from Lyme Disease, and I finally got to start on my […]



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