Life-Milestone Cycles and Big-Energy Activations Underway

Yep! Definitely feeling this, as it hits various intense spots on my natal chart. Huge transformations under way, and I get the “non-negotiable” quality of them. I know many people also experiencing huge shifts, so here’s some perspective from the heavens … And from Jamie! ❤️

Sophia's Children

The 'Milky Way', photographed near Lake Titicaca in Peru. Image courtesy of NASA. The ‘Milky Way’, photographed near Lake Titicaca in Peru. Image courtesy of NASA.

There are several ‘big energy’ activations and/or life-milestone cycles underway just now.

Here’s a snapshot, and I have a few specific updates on the writing roster for a couple of these.

The shifts and fluxes in the shared energy field and collective consciousness affect everyone — if you’re breathing the air and are living on Earth, you’re involved in these unfolded mythic stories and dramas taking place now.

There are some soul groups, though, who are experiencing major milestones or activations just now (or in the recent past, or on the near horizon).

You’ll also find some handy ‘anytime inspiration’ at the end.

Mid-1960s-born Generation-X Core Group — Wounded Healer Milestone & Shapeshifting Cycle

The current activation of the Mutable Axis — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces — zones in on the mid-1960-born Generation-X soul group (1962-1968)…

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  1. “Non-negotiable” is exactly right. The affected have bought the ticket and the lap bar has been lowered – no exit now! Enjoy the ride if you dare.



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