Tips for Navigating Past Life Bleed Through

Thank you, Dawn, for putting words to what so many clients share with me in sessions. The confusion and emotional intensity of past life bleedthrough can make people feel like they’re going crazy, sometimes in the most delightful of ways, but profoundly disoriented nonetheless! In addition to Dawn’s post, please check out the comment stream between Tania Marie and Dawn underneath the original post. When these sorts of things happen, they can be profound gifts and expansion, but they rarely mean, “OMG, I’m supposed to be with this person forever.” Navigating past life bleedthrough is an art, and it sounds like Dawn and her medicine brother handled this very well, indeed. Much love!

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This post came about from an experience I recently had and worked through. I felt extremely compelled to share what I had learned and processed, to assist those who encounter this phenomenon. This was my first time experiencing something like this. But my sense says this is going to become rather common place as time unfolds. Although it can be extremely disorienting, confusing and challenging, as with everything there is a gift to be gleaned from it if you chose to and recognize that that is what it is.

Like many of you, I had experienced those deja vue moments. Feeling like either i know this place, I think I’ve been here, or wow I remember this happening before or that person is very familiar to me and here I just met them. Yes, I have experienced all of these. What I was not prepared for was meeting someone, realizing there was…

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