Talking Tolkien and Jung on Rune Soup

Fascinating discussion here! Thanks, Becca.

Becca Segall Tarnas

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Gordon White, host of the London-based podcast Rune Soup. We discussed the synchronicity of the “Red Books” of Jung and Tolkien, as well as the role of the imaginal and the mythic in ecology. The podcast is available for download or can be listened to directly below.

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  1. Thanks for the share, Laura, and cross-quarter blessings to you. Rune Soup … good name, and some fab imagery. I hope all’s well. xo J


  2. Beltane blessings to you, too! Enjoy the talk! xo


  3. Posted by James G on May 3, 2016 at 10:28 am

    Love Tolkien and Jung. Great post Laura! As above, so below and were in middle earth.

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  4. Thanks, James! And yes … little hobbit humans in Middle Earth. It’s so funny, my mom was quite religiously conservative when we were kids, but she took us to this ongoing Middle Earth festival at some mall all the time. It was one of the more magical memories with a parent present. 🙂


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