Returning to Goshen ~ A Garden Update

After six weeks going on eternity away, I’ve returned to a Goshen that feels very different than the one I left. I had just (as in the day prior to leaving) completed my new writing office, which I designed as a portal to another world, perfect for fiction writing and other creative projects. The last install was the electric fireplace space heater, which of course, I no longer need until Fall, but it still anchors my office and balances the Goddess of Summer tapestry on the opposite wall.

Meanwhile, outside, Spring has sprung. A little. Pennsylvania was about three weeks ahead of Goshen this year, so I’m having a surreal, extended Spring with months of forsythia and daffodils. Apparently, Goshen had a lot of cold, snowy weather while I luxuriated in the fifties and sixties in pretty Bethlehem. (Well, I was busting my butt in Bethlehem, but the weather, the food, and the views were better than Goshen!) David sent me this photo shortly after the first daffodils began their blooming here:

March 2016 007


David says Spring waited for me this year. I returned to find the perennials and bulbs popping forth with life and beauty:


March 2016 031 resizedMarch 2016 033


Although I have loads of catch-up work to do getting things neatened up for Spring, we also have loads and loads of garlic growing in these troughs, as well as all over the yard. In the shadow to the right, you can also see a sprinkling of hyacinths along the house, which early bees came to devour yesterday. They were so happy for the sweet treat!

March 2016 032

I didn’t have time to do an early spring planting, but these spinach overwintered and had already provided several salads and vegan pizza topping’s worth of greens prior to the photo. David kept my indoor plants alive, including a two foot long trough of lettuce on our South facing windowsill, and the large cold frame also currently sports some lacinato kale, claytonia and mache, along with our favorite parsnip greens. You can see the beginnings of the herb spiral with tulips in front, and (my, oh, my!) how those Egyptian walking onions have walked! We have onions all over the place.


During the past few days of settling back home, I scheduled a lighter session load than usual and have gradually gone through mail and put some seeds in the ground. Peas and fava beans went in a couple days ago, and yesterday, I planted my first round of warmer season crops under the fluorescent light station at the blue house. It’s a bit late, but I had already planned to use very short season crops this year in hopes of three seasons of planting. I probably won’t get my full three seasons, but I will at least get something for my efforts! What doesn’t grow well from seed this year, I will just need to replace with farmers market purchased plant starts. We will survive!

Anyway, I’m easing my way back into Goshen. I’m caught up with sessions and business correspondence, and will begin offering specials and classes again in May. I’m excited to make some business upgrades, too, but I’m not sure how soon those will go live.

If you’ve sent me any kind of personal anything, I probably have not had a chance to reply. Thank you for caring, and I do appreciate the welcome home’s and kind emails and texts. Six weeks of superhuman activity does take its toll, though, and I am also returning to Goshen with my original intent to focus much more strongly on my own projects for awhile, including finishing my permaculture course and then turning my attention towards writing. These are changes I have felt called to make, and I feel good about them — as well as spending much more quality time with David now that he has reclaimed some of his own life from managing his parents.

Goshen is not my favorite place I’ve lived — LOL, not by an ironic long shot! — but David and I both recognize the complete rightness and opportunities of us being here right now. I intend to take advantage of the mismatch to my general preferences, because Goshen provides a nearly distraction-free environment to complete some dearly held goals that would otherwise get pushed aside in favor of pretty much anything else. Given the “shiny things” of gorgeous hiking, stunning landscapes, an ocean or lakefront property, awesome restaurants, and fun shops to visit, life has shown many times that I will choose the experience over writing or schoolwork. While I’m here, I’m opening time and focus for courses I’ve long wanted to take and for writing books that have long wanted their say through me. Life is good and perfect and right on time.

I’ve created my own little oasis of beauty, magic and love, and my time for nestling into creative mode fast approaches. The yard still needs work, especially the new yard; however, I’ve finished the bulk of those projects, as demonstrated by the yard already producing this Spring without me here to manage it. Gardening grounds me and provides great food and great joy. I’ve set it up to nurture and inspire others and myself, and now I am so looking forward to this hard earned time of different focus and creation!

Abundant Spring Blessings to all!

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  1. yay!!! my sweet faery sis is back in action!! ❤

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  2. Yep! Even the bunnies listened when I said, “The big faery is back in town. No more munching on tulips.” They have not been touched since I came back. Ditto the new plant starts I put in two days ago. 🙂 ❤️

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  3. good work!! glad the bunny loves helped out ❤

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  4. Posted by James G on April 14, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Welcome home Laura. Let the magic return! 😉 Beautiful early spring garden.

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  5. Thanks, James! 🙂


  6. what a great attitude, laura! i love your blog so much. you are right: you can focus on writing and your business and creative pursuits. i live in a beautiful place in northern california, with all of the distractions (or nurturing places?) you’ve mentioned- ocean, redwood trees, great restaurants, dance classes, events etc. at the same time, i am committed to getting my own healing biz started and getting clients. i’m hoping to use some of those places and spaces (the trees, the ocean) to re-vitalize me and help keep me going in the madness and stress that is the beginnings of a business.

    blessings on your creative and business pursuits.


  7. Thanks so much, Sara! I loved living in Northern California for all those reasons and did manage to grow a healing business and write two books there, so yes, it can be done even with distractions. The oceans and redwoods are hugely recharging. Many blessings on your business and you! Love, Laura


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