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I’m in Pennsylvania

Hi, just a quick note to say that I arrived in PA yesterday. It worked out for my brother to pick me up on his way from Chicago, so he got to stay overnight in the blue house for the first time, and then we left yesterday morning, arriving here last night. We had a wonderful visit on Sunday night and throughout our ten hour drive yesterday. It was the most concentrated time my brother and I have had together in decades, and we really enjoyed talking pretty much non-stop about everything under the sun.

David will join us here later in the week.

As mentioned in my previous post, I need flexibility for scheduling sessions right now, unless we schedule them after March 15. Any reschedules from this week will receive top priority once I know what kind of time, privacy and quiet I’ll have to do sessions with full attention. I don’t want to reschedule reschedules, so thank you for your patience in waiting until I know more of the situation here before setting new times.

Meanwhile, my dad has stabilized, and my brother and I are picking up the relay from my exhausted mom and sister. In addition to visiting and cheering my dad, there’s a lot of important work with tight deadlines to be done here, which has fallen through the cracks these past couple weeks. Knowing my brother and I are here to manage that work has helped my dad rest easy in the hospital where he can’t micromanage the details but can get the rest and care he really needs right now.

Thank you for your continued prayers and love, and thank you for understanding the need to keep this week and likely part of next week open for immediate needs here.

Blessings and love,