A Druid’s Primer for Land Healing, Part V: The Magic of Witnessing, Holding Space, Apology, and Remembrance

Thank you, as usual, Dana, for such thorough and helpful ways of healing the land. What will end up being a six week stay in PA has highlighted for me just how much remedial land healing I’ve done in Goshen, and how much more still needs to be done. It has been so lovely to live among mature trees, cleaner air, and land that doesn’t get rocked by train motions and whistles all day and night long. So nice. And yet, as lovely and restorative as it feels to be here — even with all the intensity of my father’s death and mother’s move — I have again begun to feel the pull of the land in Goshen, crying out for deeper, sustained healing.

I strongly resonate with Dana’s comments about having both the capacity and the willingness to see land that needs healing. It feels so much easier not to see, to ignore the broken places, to wipe them from our awareness and our memory. And yet … how does land heal if we don’t find ways to stop the abuse cycle? How do areas heal if few or no models exist for harmonious interactions with land that wants to thrive again? I’ve enjoyed this series and look forward to more posts. They share much I’ve already implemented, but I always learn something new from Dana! Blessed Be.

The Druid's Garden

Sometimes, the hidden, the unacknowledged hurts are the worst kind. These are the kind that you bury, deep within yourself, or that a society pretends never happened. We hear stories of these every day–massive cover-ups of the truth of crimes being revealed, people coming forth after decades of silence, the relief that one feels when one can finally talk about something he or she experienced. If you’ve ever been in this situation, where something happened to you, and you were forced to keep it silent, you’ll understand what I’m talking about here. Having others know, to see, to understand alone are acts of tremendous healing power. And it is in this topic where we continue our series on land healing, and the work we can do as druids and other earth-based spiritual practitioners, permaculturists, and those who fight for a better today and tomorrow.

In my latest post on this…

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