A Druid’s Primer on Land Healing, Part II: Energetic Healing vs. Palliative Care

I’ve been meaning to repost this second part of the Land Healing series from The Druid’s Garden. As usual, Dana shares excellent examples and ideas. She and I have discussed the need for palliative care in some circumstances, and this is why I encourage people to tune in very deeply to the land before just assuming what needs to be done. My friend, Ella, also sent me a wonderful book called, “Sensitive Permaculture,” which also addresses when to heal land, and when to trust the land asking humans to go away. If we claim to love our Earth Mother, then we would do well to respect Her boundaries, Her need for rest, and Her desires to awaken different areas. I feel this series is one of the more important topics of our times. Thank you, Dana!

The Druid's Garden

In my post last week, I discussed the different ways that we might heal the land including physical land healing, healing human-land connections, and various forms of energetic healing. Today, I want to delve deeply into the  aspects of energetic land healing, and further probe the difference between energetic healing work and energetic palliative care. I think this distinction is critical for how to develop rituals and how to work with the energy of the land in various ways.

To do this, I’m going to share with you a few different kinds of sites in my immediate surroundings in Western PA and look at the circumstances under which these sites might be healed. In fact, I’m picking some of the worst sites I know of physically on my present landscape here in Western PA–I figure that if we can talk about land healing at the worst kinds of sites that…

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