Quick Update and Reiki 2 Class Date Change

I just want to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the comments, emails, love, prayers, healing and Reiki people have sent to my dad, me, and my whole family after this morning’s announcement. Thank you, we are feeling it!

I spoke with my parents this afternoon, and they both sounded good. I told my mom I had put my dad on my own “prayer list” of all the healers and amazing souls who read this blog, and my mom said, “Well, there’s a lot of that going around right now! I’ve re-upped him on the church prayer list, and we’ve been hearing from people all day.” They’re in good hands — many hands and good hands — so thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

When my dad got on the phone, he sounded more energized than I expected, and when I told him I had added him to my Reiki-prayer list via my blog, he said, “Well! That certainly helped a lot before, so thank you and thank them.” Just knowing how many people are praying for him and sending healing also helps him have courage and peace as he faces his medical news.

Synchronicity chimed in to open up this Sunday, February 21 as a possibility for the Reiki 2 Certification Class I had originally scheduled for Saturday, February 27 in Goshen, Indiana. Since my registered students’ lives spontaneously rearranged at a time when I might need to make an earlier trip to Pennsylvania, we all felt it wise to switch the date. We do still have room in this recently announced class, which will run from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. If you’d like your Reiki 2 certification this weekend, please contact me for details.

At this point, my parents don’t think I need to make a flight before David’s and my intended road trip to PA in early March; however, I let them know that I can work from wherever, so say the word, and I’ll catch a plane. The Reiki class was the only must-do-in-person commitment I had scheduled in Goshen prior to our trip. We don’t know the timing on all of this, but both parents feel the same sense of rightness about David’s and my trip as we do. That said, I will no longer be offering an option for Reiki training during my trip to PA. We want to dedicate this trip to spending as much time with my family as possible.

Thank you again to all of you. I’m always so grateful for just how many amazing people I know around the world. I’m blessed in my daily interactions with such awake, caring, inspiring, and magical beings, but days like today remind me of just how much love I give and receive. Thanks and heartfelt blessings.

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  1. Love you very much.

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