Newness In The Air ~ Life Conspires With Us When We Take the Steps

A synchronous post from my sweet faery twin, Tania Marie! I didn’t see this one yesterday, but it’s so timely, as this morning I awoke to the song, “All I Need is the Air that I Breathe” and am in process, too, of continuing studies I began when Tania began her sound course. Vastly different settings, but the themes ring true, especially: “knowing that when you take the steps towards your dreams and intentions that life will conspire to support you.” ❤

Tania Marie

After two long days of travel on Sunday and Saturday, which I spent completing work – one of the perks of traveling in your home is that you can work while in transit and stop anywhere to eat and rest – we came to land back in Malibu, which was our first destination after leaving Orange County.

We requested our same spot, which was open for us and the energy here has been the perfect support for my stepping into the new.

This is one of our favorite places so far because of the uniqueness and beauty of the site here.

We have a site that sits at the end of a private cul de sac where only three RV’s can be. And the sites look out over the cliff onto the Pacific Ocean – where I’ve seen dolphins and whales in transit from last time.

The energy here feels very…

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  1. hehe!! i love our mirroring journey and sharing the ride with you…and now you have me singing this song this morning!! lol!!! i’m outside working watching the ocean and while singing whales showed up very close to shore…the perfect reflection as they are my spirit guides helping with my sound work. love you!!

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